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Patrick McGahon

all fixed

Problem History

  • 1 Patrick McGahon reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 09:18 01 Feb 2012
  • 2 Patrick McGahon wrote to Stagecoach in Cambridge close 09:18 01 Feb 2012

    Here is the letter that Patrick McGahon wrote.

    Bus is constantly late

    I am complaining about the 16A service which has been late 5 times in less than 3 weeks from Fulbourn and then it picks up passengers from Cherry Hinton and Queen Edith's Way who are waiting for the Citi 1 bus which we usually over-take at the Spar/Nisar shop (these passengers never use the 16A when it leaves on time or if it is less than 10 minutes late).

    This has resulted in me being late for work 5 times in 13 working days which is unacceptable. 4 times I would have been on time for work if the bus did not stop to pick up passengers waiting for the Citi 1 bus at Cherry Hinton and Queen Edith’s Way which they only have to wait an extra minute or two for!!

    Getting the passengers who regularly use this bus to work on time should be priority and not getting people who use the Citi 1 bus to work earlier than planned! I need to be at Addenbrooke's at 8.24 and to walk to the office where I work and arrive to work by 8.30 and the bus is supposed to arrive at Addenbrooke's at 8.10 which would give me ample time to get to work.

    Example, today the bus arrived at Fulbourn at 8.07 (rather than 7.52 I had to wait in the freezing cold for over 15 minutes) the bus arrived at Addenbrooke’s at 8.34 (rather than 8.10) and picked up over 20 passengers waiting for the Citi 1 bus which we over-took outside the Spar/Nisar shop in Cherry Hinton. I noticed that not a single one of these passengers was on the bus on Monday and Tuesday as the bus was went through Cherry Hinton and Queen Edith’s Way earlier on those days.

    If anyone using the Citi 1 bus complains about the 16A not stopping when it's flagged down just simply explain to them that the bus was running over 10 minutes late and is therefore not allowed to stop to pick up passengers who are waiting for the Citi 1 bus as it would result in the regular passengers being late for work.

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