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“Please help me persuade Network Rail to add a lift to allow entrance to London Victoria underground station” – Chris Booth


Chris Booth

There is no lift or step free entrance to get into or out of London Victoria underground station. As a passenger with a buggy you are confronted with a series of staircases. This means you are reliant on the goodwill of other passengers or struggle down yourself.

Given that Victoria is a major London interchange it should have a step free entrance.

Problem History

  • 1 Chris Booth reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 08:55 01 Sep 2011
  • 2 Chris Booth wrote to Network Rail close 08:55 01 Sep 2011

    Here is the letter that Chris Booth wrote.

    Add a lift to allow access to London Victoria Underground station

    There is no lift to get into the underground station at Victoria. I regularly travel with my son in his buggy to Victoria and are confronted with a series of staircases to get into the station. When you are travelling on your own, you are reliant on the goodwill of other passengers or you just struggle down the stairs yourself to get into the station. Given Victoria is a major interchange within London it should have a non-step entrance.

  • 3 CRHQ responded to Chris Booth close 17:01 02 Sep 2011
    Dear Mr Booth

    Thank you for contacting Network Rail.

    Access to the London Underground system from major stations is managed by London Underground. I have sent a copy of your e-mail to their customer service team at:

    [email address]

    For future reference, one of our dedicated Community Relations teams would be more than happy to assist you with any enquiries. To enable us to collate all the information required to investigate thoroughly, please speak to our National Helpline on 08457 11 41 41. One of our customer service advisors will be able to supply you with a unique reference number and explain the next steps in dealing with your request.

    Please note that our National Helpline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. If you would prefer to get in touch via email then please visit the 'contact us' section on our website using the following link:

    Kind regards

    Brian Wortman
    Communications Manager
    Network Rail

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  • 4 Tom Page commented close 22:58 07 Sep 2011

    Step-free access is indeed being provided. It will take some time to complete given the scale of the works, available funding and the need to keep the station operational, but the full scheme will be delivered by 2018. Some lifts will be provided in advance of this date.

    In the meantime Westminster and Green Park are the nearest nearby step-free stations.

  • 5 [email address] responded to Chris Booth close 12:33 08 Sep 2011
    Our ref: 1009447782

    Date: 08.09.2011

    Dear Mr Booth

    Thank you for contacting us about the difficulties you have when
    using Victoria station. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    You will be pleased to know that redevelopment work at the
    station has already begun. This will deliver:

    o Cuts in peak time congestion and improved capacity with a
    new North ticket Hall and entrance to the station beneath
    Bressenden Place allowing passengers from Victoria Street to
    enter the station without crossing busy roads above ground;
    o Better station access for all passengers with new lifts in
    the enlarged existing South ticket Hall providing step-free
    access to all platform levels and wider stairs to the
    national rail station;
    o Seven new lifts providing step free access from street to
    the Victoria line and for interchange with District and
    Circle line platforms; and
    o A new passageway to the north end of the Victoria line

    The station will be redeveloped in two main phases in order to
    deliver it in the most cost effective way.

    The first phase is the construction of the new entrance and the
    new North Ticket Hall under Bressenden Place, has already
    started and will be completed in 2016. The remainder of the
    upgrade works including new lifts and escalators from the
    existing Victoria line ticket hall which will be doubled in
    size, will be completed by 2018.

    During the upgrade work we will work closely with the
    contractors to ensure any possible disruption is managed with as
    little impact as possible on passengers.

    If you would like any more information on the upgrade please
    visit [1]

    If I can help you with anything further, please get in touch. 

    Yours sincerely,

    [name removed on request]
    Customer Service Advisor
    Customer Service Centre

    If you wish to reply directly to this email, please click on the
    reply button on your toolbar. Please do not alter or delete the
    subject line as this will result in your email not being

    To improve our service we would very much like your feedback and
    we would be grateful if you would complete our brief and
    confidential Customer Satisfaction Survey. To access the survey
    [2]click here.

    If you wish to contact us with a new or unrelated query or look
    at our Frequently Asked Questions, please [3]click here

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  • 6 georgia kyriacous commented close 13:40 11 Dec 2011

    It is good that they are building new lifts all around the station but its 2011 and 2016/2018 is a long time to wait. I am a student who has to travel 4.30 hours from Eastbourne to Birmingham and back at least 4 times every 3 months and with a heavy suitcase and extra bags it is extremely difficult. When I asked a conductor in the London Victoria underground station whether there was a lift the first time I made the journey he laughed in my face and said maybe someone will be nice and help me, this would be nice in an ideal world but having made the journey around 15 times now I know doesn't happen very often. also going to another station is not an option for many people Im do not live in London as I am just passing through so going to another tube station just to use a lift is a joke. By the time they put the lifts in I will no longer need to use them.

  • 7 Chris Booth commented close 19:35 26 Jan 2012

    Disappointed with the rather unhelpful answer. The answer was that a lift would be implemented by 2018, I suspect my children will be able to climb the stairs themselves by then given then will be 7.

  • 8 Pandora Mackenzie commented close 00:35 24 Nov 2012

    Occasionally, I travel to Stevenage with my boyfriend to see his family. Our journey begins at Worthing, we then have take Victoria underground to get to Kings Cross, then onwards to Stevenage.

    Looking at it, the Victoria line is the quickest to get to Kings Cross.

    I am not disabled however I experience a severe panic attack when having to go down the only escalator to the underground. My boyfriend manages to assist after I eventually calm down.

    Anyway my point is that when I asked a member of staff is there another to the underground. She told me that there was none.
    I was surprised to hear that there is no disabled access to under ground for that line. So if a passenger in a wheelchair needed to get to their destination using the Victoria line how would they get down there or is there alternative route that they take? I find it alarming that this wasn't thought at all.

    I would like to know if elevators will be installed and if so, when? Alternatively is there any other route to Kings Cross from Victoria you can recommend in order for my journey to run smoothly.

    If you can let me know as soon as possible,

    Thank you


  • 9 Pandora Mackenzie commented close 01:15 24 Nov 2012

    I was travelling to Stevenage from Worthing recently. To visit my boyfriend's family.
    Part of the journey involves me travelling through London Victoria to get to Kings Cross.

    I am not disabled, however I extremely fearful of the downward escalator that takes you to the underground. I know that this sounds silly and that you are probably thinking I should just get over it. Believe I would like to. I have been on escalators and I am just terrified of getting on them of being on them the whole experience of being on an escalator in unbearable I end up having panic attacks.

    It took me about 10 minutes of crying my eyes on my boyfriend's shoulder and embarrassing myself in front of passing travellers. Eventually we managed to get down to under ground.

    I remember asking a member of staff if there is an elevator I could use. She said no. I then asked if there any other way to get to the tube, again she said no.

    It surprises me that London Victoria doesn't have disabled access to the under ground at all. Why? How do passengers in wheel chairs get through London Victoria? How parents with buggies manage? I don't understand how the people involved in the planning and construction of the station, failed to consider this.

    Not only do we need to consider disabled access for people who are physically disabled, but for people's mental state. If a person is mentally unable to use the only access that is available what affect would it have on that person.

    And for the personal preference of travel, if someone is caring to much luggage and can't take it down the escalator. People in general want there journey to run as smoothly as possible. And having only one available access on the Victoria line can be daunting.

    I would like to know if other accessible routes to the underground on the Victoria Line or another line that has a similar problem. If so, when will this be happening? Alternatively if there is another route you can recommend to make my journey run smoother.

    If you can let me know as soon as possible,


    Pandora Mackenzie

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