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“Please help me persuade London Underground (TfL) to announcements about Morden trains on the Charing Cross branch” – Mark Austin


Mark Austin

Change the announcements on the Charing Cross Branch to reflect the fact that there are no Morden trains off-peak, but a fairly good, but limited, service in peak hours.

Problem History

  • 1 Mark Austin reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 14:26 30 Aug 2011
  • 2 Mark Austin wrote to London Underground (TfL) close 14:26 30 Aug 2011

    Here is the letter that Mark Austin wrote.

    Charing Cross Branch Announcement

    At Leicester Square (and presumably all other stations on the Charing Cross Branch) there is a regular automated message saying, roughly, that there is a limited service to Morden, and passengers for Morden should take the first train to Kennington and change there.

    This is wrong at all times of day.

    For most of the day, there is NO service beyond Kennington on the Charing Cross branch, must the message at that time encourages those who do not know this, perhaps with heavy luggage, to hang around for a non-existant Morden train.

    During the rush hour about 1 in 4 trains go to Morden. I have heard this announcement many times when the next train is to Morden, and several times when a Morden train is in the platform. Again, this confuses infrequent users, who might assume the announcemnt of the train is wrong.

    What should happen is that during the off-peak period, the message should be:

    There are no trains to Morden. Take the next service and change at Kennington.

    and during the rush hour.

    There is a limited service to Morden. If a Morden train is not indicated, take the first train and change at Kennington

  • 3 [email address] responded to Mark Austin close 14:33 30 Aug 2011
    Thank you for your email. We can now confirm that this has been

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    and Feedback Policy including timescales, please see

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    the Mayor’s Streetworks Code of Conduct to help cut congestion,
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  • 4 Myf Nixon commented close 15:21 30 Aug 2011

    Good luck, Mark!

    This sounds like a no-brainer problem that would cost £0 to implement and would change things very much for the better. Let's just hope it's a matter of pointing it out.

  • 5 [email address] responded to Mark Austin close 14:51 18 Sep 2011
    Our ref: 1009422970

    Date: 18.09.2011

    Dear Mr Austin

    Thank you for your feedback form about the public announcements
    (pas) advising customers on the Charing Cross branch to
    change at Kennington for Morden stations. 

    I understand the confusion that could be caused for customers
    unfamiliar with the services. Therefore I've asked one of the
    Duty Reliability Managers responsible for the Northern line to
    comment on this issue.

    Most stations use a generic approach along the lines of :

    ''Service update from the control room, if there is not Morden
    train showing on the platform describers please take the first
    available train and change at Kennington for stations to

    We could programme the station's pa system for specific times of
    the day, but from previous experience if this is not consistent
    down the line, this will complicate things further. This agreed
    announcement is used at all times of the day so as not to
    confuse customers who wish to travel. 

    However, when customers alight at Kennington there are signs and
    announcements advising customers to cross over the platform for
    connecting services to Morden. 

    Do get in touch if I can be of further help.

    Yours sincerely,

    Debbie Griffiths
    Customer Service Advisor
    Customer Service Centre

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  • 6 Mark Austin commented close 08:42 26 Jan 2012

    Fundamentaly, nothing has happened. The same, potentially misleading, announcements are made at Leicester Square and other Charing Cross Northern line branch stations. I have even heard them when a Morden train is sitting in the platform (in one case stopped mid-stream bby the station staff)

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