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“Please help me persuade East Midlands Trains to clean up their tracks” – Stuart Farry


Stuart Farry


Problem History

  • 1 Stuart Farry reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 12:08 31 Jul 2012
  • 2 Stuart Farry wrote to East Midlands Trains close 12:08 31 Jul 2012

    Here is the letter that Stuart Farry wrote.

    Toilet waste on the railway lines

    My family and I took the train to St Pancras yesterday. As we had a short wait in Wellingborough, we couldn't help but notice that the track was covered in used toilet paper and feces. Presumably the toilet waste falls onto the track rather than collected. Other tracks are equally contaminated!

    I wish to complain in the strongest sense that this filth is not being collected at source and disposed of correctly. Presumably it is spread all over our railways in the same way. Goodness only knows how the maintenance crews deal with it?

    It is completely unacceptable and reminiscent of medieval Britain.
    If I were to sling toilet waste into the open environment I would be prosecuted.

    Even small events have to use portaloos not sling it in the hedge bottoms!

    No wonder this country is plagued with Noro-virus and similar as flies and vermin spread disease from the very waste most of the countries infrastructure attempts to dispose of properly.

    Please explain why this practice is allowed to go on and environmental laws are seemingly powerless?

    stuart farry

    [email address redacted but sent to East Midlands]

  • 3 East Midlands Trains Feedback responded to Stuart Farry close 12:10 31 Jul 2012
    Thank you for your feedback. This has been forwarded to the Customer
    Relations team at East Midlands Trains. If you have requested a reply, we
    hope to get back to you within the next 10 working days. You'll definitely
    receive a response within 20 working days though, as per our Passenger's

    This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please notify the East Midlands Trains IT Department on 44 (0) 161 219 4331.

    Company Name: East Midlands Trains Limited
    Registered Address: Friars Bridge Court, 41-45 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8NZ
    Registered Number: 5340682

    This footnote also confirms that this email message has been swept by MessageLabs for the presence of computer viruses.
  • 4 Stuart Farry commented close 12:28 11 Sep 2012

    Seems that raw sewage littering our public railways is acceptable! I do not understand why or how our Environmental health officials can turn a blind eye to this problem for so long. Perhaps we need some god awful cholera epidemic to kick the public servants backsides into action?

  • 5 Peter Dixon commented close 13:55 11 Sep 2012

    Hello Stuart

    FixMyTransport Volunteer here

    You have two options that you can take now.

    1) You can contact East Midlands Trains again by clicking on the yellow button and ask for a follow up.

    2) You can contact Passenger Focus through their contact form below because East Midlands Trains have not responded within 20 working days.

    I have chased Network Rail through Twitter to see if they are able to take responsibility for it.

    Kind regards

  • 6 Stuart Farry commented close 14:01 04 Dec 2012

    Nothing at all has been done

  • started 31 July 2012
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Wellingborough Rail Station in Wellingborough operated by East Midlands Trains
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