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“Please help me persuade Northern Rail to ensure a REGULAR train service between Colne and Blackpool” – Steven Crowe


Steven Crowe

I would use this service (which runs mainly on an hourly basis so is not ideal for me but I like to be "green") but since it is cancelled on an ad hoc basis, I have given up to it. I would use it to travel from Rishton (near where I live) to Preston (where I work).

However, I would reconsider if this service was reliable...

Anybody else have the same issue?

Problem History

  • 1 Steven Crowe reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 11:06 30 Aug 2011
  • 2 Steven Crowe wrote to Northern Rail close 11:06 30 Aug 2011

    Here is the letter that Steven Crowe wrote.

    Train service

    Can somebody explain to me why this train service is so unreliable? There is only one train per hour and regularly trains are cancelled - to the extent that despite my attempts to be green and use the service, I have given up and have reverted back to my car to drive from Great Harwood to Preston on a daily basis. If the service was reliable I would use it but I do not have the time to wait over an hour for the next train when you decide to cancel them apparently on a random basis...

  • 3 Customer Relations responded to Steven Crowe close 11:11 30 Aug 2011
    Dear Customer

    Northern Customer Relations

    Case Reference: NR/221744

    Thank you for taking the time to contact Northern, the train
    company serving communities across the north of England.

    We confirm receipt of your feedback/enquiry.

    Kind regards

    Customer Relations Officer

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  • 4 Ian Woolner commented close 16:21 30 Aug 2011

    Colne to Blackpool South service can not trusted. The root cause of this may be the single track from Kirkham to Blackpool South.

  • 5 james bryan johnson commented close 17:51 30 Aug 2011

    The map you are using to support your issue is not for colne to blackpool. There are no problems reported on for the route you mention in your title

  • 6 Peter Dixon commented close 18:16 30 Aug 2011

    The route suffers from a number of set backs. It has two single track sections that affect the reliability of the route. In addition, the route is far from depots where the stock is based and fixed. As a result, when a train fails, it takes a long time for a train to get to the line to replace the failed train. Add on the fact that it is only hourly and Northern Rail really do have a lot of things against them when it comes to running a reliable service.

  • 7 Ian Woolner commented close 18:57 30 Aug 2011

    I had had the following issues:-

    1) A train arriving late at St Annes sea and then thowing every one of so they can get back to the double line a at Kirkham before the next train can come down the line. The passengers had to wait for the second train for onward travel. It was summer and the train was very busy with tourists going to Blackppol Pleasure beach.
    2) A train from Blackpool south leaving having told passagers that it would only be stopping at Kirkham because it would to reduce the time before it could get back to the double line at Kirkham.
    3) Trains the have water running down the walls during heavy rain.
    4) Overcrowed trains especialy in the evening which is not helped by the one train a hour service
    5) Diusgusting toilets
    6) Trains cancelled with no anouncment.
    7) Trains that go through the most area of the lytham that could use public transport the most (Saltcotes) with out be able to stop because there is no station.

  • 8 Chris Smith commented close 19:24 30 Aug 2011

    This line is just about the least important in Northern Rail's empire, as far as they are concerned (second bottom only to Ormskirk-Preston). It has the worst trains - the ghastly Pacers, which, unfortunately are going to be around for another ten years. The single track sections are less of a problem than the fact that the trains have to use the West Coast Main Line for a couple of miles and, if there are any delays thereon or congestion at Preston station, the Colne-Blackpool trains are put to the back of the queue. I regret that there is no likelihood that things will improve, until the electrification to Blackpool and between Manchester and Liverpool releases more trains (though they will be ghastly Pacers).

  • 9 Ian Woolner commented close 19:43 30 Aug 2011

    Chris I agree that running on the main line causes issue with delays. But the single track exacerbates these by not allowing the next non delayed train on until the first has returned from Blackpool south.

    The use of the main line would not be an issue if we take into account one thing :-

    Virtually every one that is on the train on this route as it glides into Preston gets up and gets of the train. As few use for onward travel past Preston I would suggest that from the point view of Blackpool South and the other station up to Preston what this part of the line needs is a more frequent service that runs from Blackpool South and returns.

  • 10 Dave Evans commented close 19:50 30 Aug 2011

    i would suggest that the route be splitinto.Colne to Preston and Blackpool South to Ormskirk.Some work needs to be done to get the 60 min service on the Ormskirk line,this would be paid for by attracting the teenage traveller from Merseyside to the Pleasure Beach.

  • 11 Northern Rail responded to Steven Crowe close 19:00 01 Sep 2011
    [Ensure a REGULAR train service between Colne and Blackpool email]
    Northern Rail 221744

    01 September 2011

    Our Reference NR/ 221744

    Dear Mr Crowe

    Thank you for your e-mail, which I received recently.

    Thank you for your recent email. Please rest assured that your feedback has now been passed on to the relevant teams in Northern. Should you wish to know more please contact us directly at [Northern Rail problem reporting email].

    Yours sincerely

    Terry Sheppard
    Customer Relations Officer
    Northern Customer Relations
    First Floor, The Travel Centre
    City Railway Station
    LS1 4DY

    Tel 0845 00 00 125
    Fax 0113 2479 059

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  • 12 James Palmer commented close 15:59 15 Sep 2011

    Completely agree something needs to be done. I use the service to St-Annes from Preston every day and it's pretty shocking at times!

  • 13 James Palmer commented close 15:28 21 Sep 2011

    So the service from Preston to Blackpool South was cancelled this morning. Ridiculous. :(

  • 14 David Searle commented close 22:44 29 Oct 2011

    Yeah, the train would be great. But more importantly are you Steve Crowe who is rubbish at snooker and can't handle his beer?

  • 15 Steven Crowe commented close 17:36 30 Oct 2011

    Hi Dave, yes! And no!! It's been a long time... Catch me direct on Facebook or email me [email address redacted] :)

  • 16 Myf Nixon commented close 09:09 31 Oct 2011

    Steven - I've removed your email address from this public page, as it may bring you spam otherwise. But Dave will have received it via email too.

  • 17 Steven Crowe commented close 09:20 31 Oct 2011

    Thanks for that, he has been in touch so all is good - in fact, feel free to delete his comment and my response (along with this response) since they aren't relevant TO the issue but it has reunited me with an old mate I haven't seen for many a year!

  • 18 Myf Nixon commented close 09:37 31 Oct 2011

    Ahhh, that's great. I think we should leave it as a reminder that FMT enhances lives in multiple ways. ;)

  • 19 alex sweeney commented close 03:44 27 Dec 2012

    Whoever is to blame... Northern rail or railtrack your service is an absolute joke! In the last few weeks I have not had one service that has vern in time or cancelled. You baboons nearly cost me my god dam job! I should sue your pathetic organisation... Stuck in sub freezing conditions at a station for 2 hours to be told your service is cancelled due to staff shortages. Does this tell you that you maybe should have on call staff is there is a shortage? Rather than leave customers with a 4 mile walk home in the ice? Its an absolute disgrace. I more than understand you have your funding restrictions ECT. But you should run a reliable service and stop expecting your customers to put up with this. If your that stretched then you adapt and overcome. I feel strongly about this because this is out of hand now and its permanently the case. Your driving away customers who trust in you with their livelyhoods and standing idley by as you allow this to continue and its disgusting!

  • 20 alex sweeney commented close 03:53 27 Dec 2012

    I couldn't care less about weather you use steam trains! Just give me a service that isn't going to be permanently cancelled or have big delays! This... it gets you there attitude is not acceptable! I am depended by my employer to be on time and reliable. you numpties can't even operate a service that on any day doesn't see delays or cancellation. Your paid by us the taxpayer to run your business and put in measures to ensure there is a contingency... And im sure if your company was exposed and sanctions put in place against such a diabolical service you would soon do something about it!

    Sort it out! Otherwise you will drive away your business onto the roads... And that's where im going!

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Train route between Preston and Rishton operated by Northern Rail
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