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“Please help me persuade Network Rail to get more ticket machines installed at St Pancras station” – Sarah Baskerville


Sarah Baskerville

Trying to collect pre booked tickets with only 4 visible ticket machines is a nightmare. Considering that this is an international rail station, why are they so few visible ticket machines? Euston, Kings Cross, Waterloo and Paddington have lots of ticket machines, with good signage to show you where they are. Why not St Pancras?

Problem History

  • 1 Sarah Baskerville reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 08:14 31 Aug 2011
  • 2 Sarah Baskerville wrote to Network Rail close 08:14 31 Aug 2011

    Here is the letter that Sarah Baskerville wrote.

    More ticket machines required and better signage

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I had booked online a ticket from St Pancras to Faversham last Saturday, and was to collect it from the station. On arrival at the station via the Met line, I was looking for ticket machine signs to collect my ticket.

    I walked up the stairs, through the vast array of shops, cafes, shops, shops and more shops, dodging the slow moving tourists for over 5minutes until eventually I found the national rail ticket area.... With only 4 ticket machines, and 4 queues, each 10 people deep. Inside the National Rail office, the queues were even longer as people waited to get served. I only just made my train despite turning up 30mins in advance.

    Its the first time I've travelled from that station, I'm unfamiliar it's layout. Are there seriously only 4 machines?? Or can better signage be installed to show where alternate machines are?

    When collecting tickets from Kings Cross, Euston or Paddington there are far more ticket machines (with better signage), thus the queues are far less and far faster moving.

    I noted that on my return journey when I arrived at platform 11 and went straight underground from the alternate exit that there were another 4 ticket machines in the underground station, but no obvious signage from outsider to inform me that they were there!

    Please can you make collecting on-line tickets a far more easier experience than I endured on Saturday by installing more ticket machines and having better signage to show where they are.


    Sarah Baskerville

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  • 4 Tom Steinberg commented close 08:49 31 Aug 2011

    FACT - the lack of enough ticket machines at Victoria is one of the reasons this site exists in the first place.

  • 5 Sarah Baskerville added an update close 08:52 31 Aug 2011


  • 6 william perrin commented close 08:52 31 Aug 2011

    i couldn't agree more - the machines are in an illogical place - four on the lower concourse, and a hidden one or two up on the midland mainline platform.

    they are part of the whole illogical passenger flow at the station - nothing there makes sense. but the station cost £800m of public money and looks priddy, so that's ok.

    bizarrely Euston has it dead right - a huge hall full of machines. no doubt they will reduce this when the remodel the station to fit in more sandwich franchises and underwear shops

  • 7 Sarah Baskerville added an update close 09:04 31 Aug 2011

    Looks like I'm preaching to deaf ears though.... The mail to Network Rail bounced back! See above reply... :-(

  • 8 Myf Nixon commented close 10:38 31 Aug 2011

    Just to say we're working on the bounced email - thanks for the heads-up.

  • 9 Sarah Baskerville commented close 10:58 31 Aug 2011

    Thanks! Here's hoping it will be routed to someone who is listening :-)

  • 10 Elliot Herman commented close 11:58 31 Aug 2011

    there are also ticket machines at platform level at St Pancras (above ground platforms, not thameslink), which are rarely in use. a bad place to put them, since they're not where you'd expect to buy a ticket, but useful if you know about them.

  • 11 Louise Crow commented close 12:27 31 Aug 2011

    OK, we've found another Network Rail email address for issues at St. Pancras, and I've resent the problem report to that. Fingers crossed!

  • 12 william perrin commented close 16:02 31 Aug 2011

    while we are on the subject have you ever tried to use the ticket machine up on the HS1 platform (for kent) it's one of the most confusing user interfaces ever

    the problem with the machines at platform level is that you are never sure if they are going to be working or have a massive queue - so when you are dashing for the train it's a safer bet to go to the bank of 4 on the concourse

  • 13 Katrina Navickas commented close 21:47 31 Aug 2011

    I agree. Just the other weekend I missed a Thameslink train when it was on the upper platform 1 and I had to run down to the main concourse to buy a ticket. Some machines by platform 1 would be handy.

    (I'm also annoyed that you can buy a weekend supersaver from St. Albans to London at £8 return but not from London to St.Albans, but that's another issue...)

  • 14 Derek Heath commented close 18:00 31 Aug 2011

    There are four ticket machines near the National Rail ticket office, two more by the East Midlands Trains platforms (platforms 1-4), three more in the Underground subway towards the new Underground Northern ticket hall, and four in the First Capital Connect area (one in their ticket office and three more to the left of their Information desk).

  • 15 Ian Dean commented close 06:43 01 Sep 2011

    Passenger traffic flow at St Pancras is as you say not well signed and impeded by people with other agendas, like looking in shop windows. A clear route to National Rail would help.

    Picking up tickets should be as easy as ordering them online at National Rail's excellent site.

    Please at least double the number of machines and sign them immediately you enter the station from the Underground.

  • 16 Paul Harley commented close 19:56 06 Sep 2011

    Network Rail don't run St Pancras!

    It's run by London & Continental Railways.

    You might be better raising the issue with either East Midlands Trains or First Capital Connect, depending on whose services you were planning to travel on.

  • 17 CRHQ responded to Sarah Baskerville close 16:45 09 Sep 2011
    Dear Ms Baskerville

    Thank you for contacting Network Rail.

    St Pancras International station is owned by High Speed 1 (HS1)
    and Network Rail manages the operations of the lower Circle area
    of the station. More information on St Pancras can be found at
    the following website: [1]

    With regards to the installation of additional ticket machines
    at St Pancras station, HS1 would be best placed to explain the
    criteria and process for this. They can be contacted at the
    above website.

    For future reference, one of our dedicated Community Relations
    teams would be more than happy to assist you with any enquiries
    for Network Rail. To enable us to collate all the information
    required to investigate thoroughly, please speak to our National
    Helpline on 08457 11 41 41. One of our customer service advisors
    will be able to supply you with a unique reference number and
    explain the next steps in dealing with your request.

    Please note that our National Helpline operates 24 hours a day,
    7 days a week and 365 days a year. If you would prefer to get in
    touch via email then please visit the 'contact us' section on
    our website using the following link:


    Kind regards

    Brian Wortman

    Communications Manager

    Network Rail

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  • 18 Myf Nixon commented close 17:24 09 Sep 2011

    Sarah - big thanks for your patience while we iron out routing on this particular report. St Pancras, in particular, is a challenging one to crowbar into the FixMyTransport structure but we'll get there in the end. Meanwhile I've requested that your problem be forwarded *again*, this time to HS1.

  • 19 Louise Crow commented close 08:52 16 Sep 2011


    Really sorry for the delay, have now resent your problem report to HS1.


  • 20 Sarah Baskerville commented close 10:41 26 Jan 2012

    I never did get anything back from HS1 or Network Rail.... *sighs*

  • 21 Sarah Baskerville commented close 11:20 08 Mar 2012

    *sighs* I give up

  • 22 Steve Banks commented close 18:36 08 Mar 2012

    I can understand the problem here and there is no easy answer.

    St Pancras Station is unique and presents many problems to train companies that do not occur elsewhere. As well as the train operating companies who provide the ticketing facilities, there is the input of other parties including English Heritage on the number and siting of any railway "furniture". Foremost in many considerations is "how will this impact on the appearance of the station?"

    Therefore on the higher levels where you get the best views of the original station structure it is very difficult to find locations for ticket machines that are acceptable to all parties and in clear view of those wishing to use them.

    I should imagine siting is easier at the lower levels especially nearer to the FCC and EMT ticket offices under the new part of the station but that is hidden away from the main line platforms to Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield.

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