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Jackie Pelling

Pip - you know why we need this. If we start voicing our opinions I doubt if anything will come of it, but you never know !........

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  • 1 Jackie Pelling reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 09:15 27 Jul 2011
  • 2 Jackie Pelling wrote to Southern close 09:15 27 Jul 2011

    Here is the letter that Jackie Pelling wrote.

    The last 24 hours has been dreadful

    Yesterday evening 16:23 from Victoria to East Grinstead delayed 18 minutes. No explanation other than it was 'technical'.

    This morning, 06:37 cancelled due to 'a tree on the line'. Ok, not your fault but when my friend calls to say that she's just seen the 'tree' being brought into the station which was actually a fence post it begins to grate.

    I get service reports from Southern on my mobile phone - they come in around 35 mins AFTER my train should have left. Not much use really.

    Last week we had problems with short trains only 4 carriages instead of 8).

    This morning, we were told at EG that there were coaches being put on but as they were coming from Crawley and there were roadworks in Copthorne they too would be delayed as they had to take a detour. Absolute rubbish.

    I ended up walking back to my car (half a mile) driving to Horley (9 miles away) getting a Victoria train from there (which, by the way was also delayed) and I still ended up at Victoria at the same time as the EG train would have got in. Where is the sense in that. It's cost me petrol and £6.50 for the privilege to part at the station.

    Not happy at all.
    Jackie Pelling

  • 3 [email address] responded to Jackie Pelling close 09:20 27 Jul 2011
    Thank you for your enquiry, we appreciate you taking the time to
    contact us.  We aim to respond in full to your enquiry within 5
    working days.

    You can also contact us by phone (08451 27 29 20), fax (08451 27
    29 30) or in writing (Southern Customer Services, PO Box 3021,
    Bristol, BS2 2BS).  You can also submit a webform at:

    Yours sincerely

    Southern Customer Services

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    this mailbox


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  • 4 Myf Nixon commented close 09:36 27 Jul 2011

    Hi Jackie, Myf from FixMyTransport here.

    Sorry to hear about your dismal experience - sounds like a lot of things came at once! I'll be keeping an interested eye on this report: as FMT is so new, we don't yet know what works best and what doesn't. But I have an inkling that those reports that get the best results may ask for something concrete - so for example it might be useful to explicitly request 'accurate announcements given in enough time to make a difference to passengers' and 'longer trains to be put on the route at peak hours'.

    Just a thought, but let's see what response you get.

  • 5 Jackie Pelling commented close 12:24 27 Jul 2011

    Brilliant. Thanks for the advice. :)

  • 6 Tom Steinberg commented close 15:48 29 Jul 2011

    Hi Jackie

    Have you thought about taking some pics of problems with this train route, to show what you mean by "a service that is comparative to the price of our season tickets"? You can upload pictures of any kind to your supporters page, which might really help drive home why you want people to support your call.



  • 7 Southern Rail Customer Services responded to Jackie Pelling close 11:34 03 Aug 2011
    Dear Ms Pelling

    Thank you for contacting us on 27 July 2011 regarding your service between London Victoria and East Grinstead.

    I am sorry to hear of how your journey was delayed on 26 July 2011. I appreciate your frustration about this. This was due to a train fault. We do all we can to run a timely service, but sometimes delays are unavoidable.

    I am sorry also to hear about the reduced carriage situation on your train service. One of the problems we face is the need to reduce carriages when they are required elsewhere. This however is done after careful consideration to benefit as many customers as possible.

    Also, when a train carriage develops a fault, it unfortunately most times affects the whole train and even though we maintain and check our trains regularly, they still develop faults.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly at: [Southern problem reporting email] or You can also contact our Customer Service team by phone on (08451 27 29 20), fax (08451 27 29 30) or in writing (Southern Customer Services, PO Box 3021, Bristol, BS2 2BS).

    Kind regards

    Ade Faniyan
    Southern Customer Services

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  • 8 Jackie Pelling commented and marked the problem as fixed. close 13:39 26 Jan 2012

    Questionnaire filled in by problem reporter.

  • started 27 July 2011
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Train route between East Grinstead and London Victoria operated by Southern
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