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“Please help me persuade ScotRail to improve ticketing arrangements in and around Glasgow” – Paddy McCann


Paddy McCann

The current ticketing arrangements in Glasgow are inadequate, particularly for those of us who travel into Glasgow (Central, for me) from stations without ticket machines at peak times. It is not always possible to buy a ticket on board the train and the resulting queues for tickets on arrival are unacceptable. There should be ticket machines at all stations, and ScotRail should extend its SmartCard system to all lines.

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  • 1 Paddy McCann reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 11:06 31 Aug 2011
  • 2 Paddy McCann wrote to ScotRail close 11:06 31 Aug 2011

    Here is the letter that Paddy McCann wrote.

    Inadequate ticketing infrastructure and poor customer information

    There is no ticket machine at my station (Thornliebank). During peak periods, it is by no means certain that a passenger needing a ticket will get the opportunity to buy one on the train during the 15-minute (scheduled as 12, never is) journey into Glasgow Central. They will then have to join a very long, slow queue to get a ticket and get off the platform. A ticket machine at Thornliebank and other similar stations would save passengers a lot of time. I would also hope that ScotRail are investigating alternative ticketing systems e.g. extending the SmartCard system to all lines.

    The second issue may be exclusive to Thornliebank and is not as serious, just slightly ridiculous. When there is a delay to the train to Glasgow, and announcement is made that the train is delayed by "approximately six minutes" regardless of the actual length of the delay. I have never heard any other length of time announced. The announcement may as well omit the time estimate, as it cannot be trusted by passengers.

  • 3 First Group Response responded to Paddy McCann close 11:15 31 Aug 2011
    Thank you for contacting ScotRail. Under the terms of our Passengers' Charter, we aim to respond to all claims/correspondence within 7 working days.

    Please note that you will not be able to respond direct to this email.
  • 4 Tom Steinberg commented close 19:08 07 Sep 2011

    Hi Paddy,

    You're asking for a pretty big thing here. Have you thought about getting some support from the local papers? If they printed the address of your campaign you might get a lot of supporters, which could definitely make ScotRail pay attention!

    - Tom

  • started 31 August 2011
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Thornliebank Rail Station in Thornliebank operated by ScotRail
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