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“Please help me persuade South West Trains to increase the amount of standing space on commuter trains.” – Steve O'Connell


Steve O'Connell

Commuter route trains have large amounts of impractical seating. Reducing this would give more space for people standing making journeys more comfortable for more people.

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  • 1 Steve O'Connell reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 11:31 01 Sep 2011
  • 2 Steve O'Connell wrote to South West Trains close 11:31 01 Sep 2011

    Here is the letter that Steve O'Connell wrote.



    I am keen to know why commuter route trains have so much in the way of fixed seating. Many of your carriages have lots of seats, including those banks of 6. These only provide seating for a small percentage of passengers, leaving the small amount of remaining space for those standing to be particularly cramped. The small aisle between the banks of 6 seats also prevents people from easily moving down the carriage, or more importantly back towards the door on a busy train when they need to get off.

    Why are these trains not designed more like tubes? An even better design would surely be to have fold up seats along the walls, facing inwards. These would only be used by those passengers needing seats during the rush hour, leaving a lot more space for those standing?


  • 3 South West Trains responded to Steve O'Connell close 11:36 01 Sep 2011
  • 4 South West Trains responded to Steve O'Connell close 12:16 06 Sep 2011
    Customer Service Centre

    Customer Service Centre
    Overline House
    Blechynden Terrace
    Southampton SO15 1GW
    Telephone 0845 6000 650
    Fax 023 8072 8187
    [South West Trains problem reporting email]

    [increase the amount of standing space on commuter trains. email]

    Our ref:1638431

    06 September 2011
    Dear Sirs

    Thank you for your contact regarding our services. We do welcome
    feedback from our customers and have, in line with our franchise
    and passenger's charter commitments, established a full range of
    agreed channels to contact our customer relations team.

    A webform on our website at

    By email to [South West Trains problem reporting email]

    By post to –
    South West Trains Customer Relations,
    Overline House, Blechynden Terrace,
    Southampton. SO15 1GW.

    By telephone 0845 6000 650 option 4

    There are also established representative bodies which deal with
    unresolved complaints from our passengers.

    For the London Area the organisation is London Travelwatch

    For the remainder of our area the organisation is Passenger Focus

    To allow us to follow our agreed processes, would you please
    advise our customer to use one of the established methods of
    contact to obtain a full response to their concerns.

    Jan Ledbyrne
    Stagecoach South Western Trains

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