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“Please help me persuade Oxfordshire County Council and South Oxfordshire District Council to install a cash machine at Thornhill Park and Ride” – Guy Davies


Guy Davies

The buses to London and the airports only take cash. Passengers getting on at Thornhill may be caught short without sufficient cash and would have to then travel to Headington and back to use a cash machine.

Problem History

  • 1 Guy Davies reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 20:14 30 Aug 2011
  • 2 Guy Davies wrote to Oxfordshire County Council and South Oxfordshire District Council close 20:14 30 Aug 2011

    Here is the letter that Guy Davies wrote.

    Please consider installing a cash machine at Thornhill P&R

    As an occasional user of Thornhill Park and Ride to catch the buses into central London, it would be a great help if there was a place to get cash at Thornhill to pay for carriage on said buses.
    They do not take cards and as far as I know, the nearest set of cashpoints is back in Headington, adding minutes onto journey time for those travelling to Thornhill via the ring road.

  • 3 Online - Communications responded to Guy Davies close 20:20 30 Aug 2011
    Welcome to Oxfordshire County Council.
    Thank you for contacting us, your email is important to us and
    will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

    Many thanks

    Online @ Oxfordshire
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  • 4 Commercial Services responded to Guy Davies close 20:20 30 Aug 2011
    Thank you for your email.

    Missed bins or non delivery of sacks or bins need to be reported to [email address] but you may wish to call the waste hotline on 03000 610610.

    Do you know that you can now book a bulky waste collection, and arrange a new garden waste collection service online? Visit our website at for further information about this and many other online services offered by the council.

    Otherwise for all issues regarding public conveniences, car parks or sewage treatment, we aim to reply in the next 15 working days.

    Note that this is an automatically generated email. Please do not reply directly to this message.

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  • 5 Commercial Services responded to Guy Davies close 10:46 31 Aug 2011
    Sorry this is not something that the council can do.
    Commercial Services

    Waste Team Administrator
    01491 823416

    >>> Guy Davies <[install a cash machine at Thornhill Park and Ride email]>
    30/08/2011 20:20 >>>
         Dear South Oxfordshire District Council,

    The problem report below has been sent to you via the

    It refers to a problem at the Thornhill Park and Ride

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  • 6 Myf Nixon commented close 10:52 31 Aug 2011

    Hmm, this looks like it's a problem outside the council remit. Still, a great opportunity for a bank perhaps! Is it worth writing to a local one?

  • 7 Robert Jamie Munro commented close 00:18 01 Sep 2011

    I'm not sure how this site works yet, but can someone reply to the council's message to ask if it is something they would /allow/ rather than do? We know the council don't install cash machines, but they either do or won't allow them on their property (assuming it is their property).

    Once you have a go ahead there, you could start campaigning to banks.

    The other option would be to get busses to take card payments for tickets costing over a certain amount (e.g. £10).

  • 8 Myf Nixon commented close 09:51 01 Sep 2011

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your comments. Guy can reply to the email the council sent if he would like to pursue the matter further or ask for advice about who to ask next.


  • 9 Pauline Rigby commented close 12:23 01 Sep 2011

    Can you not buy your tickets from the Oxford Bus Company or Tube from the man in the waiting area at the P&R and pay him by card? Pretty sure I have done this several times before!

  • 10 Guy Davies commented close 13:03 01 Sep 2011

    Pauline - Thanks for the tip! I wasn't aware he had a card machine, but I'll check next time. Sadly there's only a guy there at peak times so travelling at any other time this wouldn't work.

  • 11 Helling, Dick - Environment & Economy - Highways & Transport responded to Guy Davies close 16:43 27 Sep 2011
    Dear Mr Davies

    Thank you for your email about Thornhill Park and Ride site. Please
    accept my apologies for the delay in replying; I myself have just
    returned from 2 weeks leave, and your email seems to have been delayed
    (until 15 September) in getting to me in the first place, perhaps for
    similar reasons.

    Thornhill car park (and the other Park and Ride sites around Oxford) is
    provided for the benefit of people travelling to central Oxford, and
    other sites within Oxford such as the hospitals in Headington. Whilst
    we accept its use also as a pick-up point for coaches, that is not
    something which we actively encourage or market to users. The coach
    services are run as competitive, commercial services by private
    companies, and it is up to them what arrangements they make (or don't
    make!) to facilitate their customers buying tickets for their services.
    The County Council would be willing to consider making space available
    within the site for a facility of the sort you suggest, but only subject
    to all arrangements being made, and all costs covered, by the relevant
    private company (the 'arrangements' which the company would have to
    make, incidentally, would have to include negotiation with the landowner
    for easement of the restrictive clauses that currently exist in the
    agreement under which the County Council leases the site). You might
    therefore like to contact the private company concerned with your

    As you may have read in the Press, the County Council is considering
    charging for parking at this site for some users. Our firm intention
    is that (if introduced) payment for this will be mainly by phone,
    on-line or other electronic means, with cash purchase being very much
    the exception. We are also exploring ways in which these payment
    arrangements might be extended to cover the bus fare to Oxford or
    Headington, in accordance with the core purpose of this Park and Ride

    I hope that this has clarified the position for you; and apologies, once
    again, for the delayed response.

    Best regards

    Dick Helling
    Principal Policy Officer
    Oxfordshire County Council
    tel (01865) 815859

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  • 12 Alex Lalvani commented close 08:54 21 May 2012

    Hopefully this should be happening with the expansion of the Park and Ride. I will be campaigning hard for it, there is no cash point anywhere in the area, I have heard bus company staff telling people to walk to MacDonalds which is a good 20 minute round trip by foot.

  • 13 Peter Dixon commented close 17:09 05 Jun 2012

    I am just thinking about whether you could ask the Oxford Tube company to provide some investment into a cash machine for the site? Would this be an option that you may want to investigate.

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