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“Please help me persuade LOROL London Overground (TfL) to let passengers walk straight on to NXG platform 5” – Anders Jacobsen


Anders Jacobsen

I have used to propose that London Overground opens up the works access gate on the side of Platform 5 to allow direct access to the platform (as a shortcut + handicap/stroller access). I would imagine the investment would be minimal - an oyster gate or two and some minor re-work of the existing gate? If you think this is a good idea - join the quest!

Problem History

  • 1 Anders Jacobsen reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 13:26 31 Aug 2011
  • 2 Anders Jacobsen found the company that runs this station 16:15 31 Aug 2011
  • 3 Anders Jacobsen wrote to London Overground (TfL) close 16:45 31 Aug 2011

    Here is the letter that Anders Jacobsen wrote.

    Opening the side gate of New Cross Gate station (facing Currys/Sainburys)

    There is a works access gate that leads directly on to platform 5 on New Cross Gate station that would be a massive shortcut for local residents as well as a handcap friendly and baby-buggy friendly access method if opened and set up with a self-serve Oyster gate.

    It would be fantastic is TfL / London Overground would consider investing in this additional access (alternatively I imagine Sainsburys/Currys/TKMaxx might be convinced to chip in as it would give their customers a much more direct access to the shops?)

  • 4 Overground Info responded to Anders Jacobsen close 16:51 16 Sep 2011
    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thank you for letting us know that one of your members has
    highlighted an issue for our attention.  We will pass this on to
    the correct team so that they can look into their concerns.

    We aim to deliver the best possible service to London Overground
    customers by providing a safe, reliable, welcoming and value for
    money service.  If your member would like to discuss this matter
    directly our contact details are:

    * Via our website at
    * Pick up a 'Comments and customer charter refund application
    form' from any London Overground station and hand it to a
    member of staff
    * Email us at [1][London Overground (TfL) problem reporting email]
    * Call the Customer Services Team on
    Telephone: 0845 601 4867
    Textphone: 020 3031 9331
    Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 (excluding public holidays)
    * Write to us at
    London Overground
    Customer Services Team
    125 Finchley Road
    London NW3 6HY

    Please include a telephone number in any correspondence.  We
    find that a telephone conversation is often more effective than
    lengthy correspondence.

    Kind regards,

    Alan Hobson
    Customer Servies Team
    London Overground

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  • 5 Myf Nixon commented close 16:58 16 Sep 2011

    Hi Anders,
    Thanks for picking the correct operator for this to go to - your research will help future FixMyTransport users wanting to write about New Cross Gate, too. best of luck in getting your ideas listened to. I've tweeted and Facebook'd this page and if you can, you should spread the word as far as you can.

  • 6 Anders Jacobsen commented close 00:27 26 Jan 2012

    TfL has replied to inform me that if asked, station attendants will let people on to the platform via the side entrance, but one obviously needs to walk up to the station first to request this service.

  • 7 Myf Nixon commented close 10:16 26 Jan 2012

    Oh no, how ridiculous!

  • 8 Dave H commented close 15:11 26 Jan 2012

    At Leicester Station the automated gates on the bridge used by the lift access have a press button unit that connects you to the staff at the main barriers. It includes a CCTV 'viewer' where you can place your ticket against the viewing window, and CCTV camera that sees you.

    The gate presumably does already have a CCTV camera viewing it, and a remote release could be installed as an low cost Access for All scheme. Although given that Chiltern built a station for just over £5m when Network Rail quoted £13m highlights the inflated cost on even the simplest of jobs.

    Why not contact Val Shawcross with the issue.

  • 9 Peter Dixon advised Anders to write to Val Shawcross. close 16:29 27 Jan 2012

    Hi Anders,

    Following on from what DaveH has said, contact Val Shawcross to highlight this quite barmy set of circumstances. My advice would be for you to ask for contact details for someone to open it or some form of remote opening for users through the provision of "help points" at each side.

  • started 31 August 2011
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New Cross Gate Rail Station in New Cross Gate/Sth Bermondsey operated by LOROL London Overground (TfL)
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