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“Please help me persuade Southeastern to re-open the sliding blue door!” – Blackheath Bugle


Blackheath Bugle

Can anyone explain to me why it would be a good idea to permanently close the side exit from Blackheath station by barricading it with a bannister? Tired commuters on their way home used to love gasping out into the open air. It makes no sense to keep it locked, and makes us miserable!

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  • 1 Blackheath Bugle reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 11:05 10 Aug 2011
  • 2 Blackheath Bugle wrote to Southeastern close 11:05 10 Aug 2011

    Here is the letter that Blackheath Bugle wrote.

    Door on the access ramp is locked

    Please can you unlock the sliding door on the Kent-bound platform (half way up the long ramp)? It never used to be locked all the time, and it makes it slower for commuters to escape into the fresh air! It's after the oyster readers, so it wouldn't affect whether people paid their fares or not.

  • 3 Mail Delivery System responded to Blackheath Bugle close 11:10 10 Aug 2011
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    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
    recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

    [email address]
    Unrouteable address

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  • 4 Myf Nixon commented close 16:19 10 Aug 2011

    Just a note to say that we're aware of the bounceback on this email, and have re-sent it to what we now believe is the correct address. Here's hoping for a reply from Southeastern soon.

  • 5 Blackheath Bugle asked for advice. close 08:36 13 Aug 2011

    How long should we wait for a reply? What if SouthEastern never reply? What are the next steps? Thanks!

  • 6 Laura Brook commented close 13:52 13 Aug 2011

    I think 5 working days is reasonable.

    Did you see the 'mail delivery' message (#3)? Does this mean SouthEastern might not have got the message?

  • 7 Adrian Challinor commented close 14:12 13 Aug 2011

    Is it not Network Rail rather that South Eastern? They own the stations, South Eastern run (?) the trains.

  • 8 Blackheath Bugle commented close 15:15 13 Aug 2011

    Blackheath station is managed by SouthEastern. See here:

  • 9 Blackheath Bugle commented close 15:16 13 Aug 2011

    re: Laura - see response #4 from Myf Nixon (one of the site administrators) - fixmytransport have re-sent the messages to the correct address.

  • 10 Adrian Challinor commented close 15:32 13 Aug 2011

    Thank you Bugle, I stand corrected.

  • 11 Blackheath Bugle asked for advice. close 09:18 17 Aug 2011

    South Eastern will be doing a "Meet the Managers" day at Charing Cross station tomorrow morning (from 8-10am). Is it worth asking them how FixMyTransport should contact them about this issue?

  • 12 Matthew Gough commented close 10:00 17 Aug 2011

    I think we'd be better off asking them why they've locked the gate, as well as how to contact them!!

  • 13 william perrin commented close 12:47 17 Aug 2011

    Hi Blackheath,

    rail companies are obdurate. they often don't like passenger desire lines/walking routes that are messy and don't conform to their modelling. or they just dont' care.

    I ran a large campaign against network rail about their closure at kings cross of a popular community entrance. see

    you need to make a case but also do it in a way that will get noticed and not just swallowed by a system that is designed to soak up customer complaints without actually acting upon them. This can't be a big issue for SETrains so it ought to be resolvable.

    1 - What do station staff say about the door closure?

    2 - Go to the meet the managers event. take some pics with you if possible and maybe a sketch map of the station. If you don't get any sense or feel you are being 'stakeholder managed' try using the phrase 'I do hope you can help i am planning to raise it with Sir Alan Greengross on the Passengers Panel and also write to Andy Pitt the Managing Director of South West Trains.'

    3 - write a letter to Mr Pitt on paper, the old fashioned way and copy it to Sir Alan

    Andy Pitt
    South West Trains
    Friars Bridge Court
    41-45 Blackfriars Road
    SE1 8NZ

    the passengers panel can be contacted c/o the same address or through the contact form

    3 - take an electronic copy of the letter and send that to your local councillor - there is bound to be some interplay between the council and the station about ingress and exit - does the entrance give out onto a busy road for instance?
    the councillors for the station are shown here

    4 put the text of your letter on your website and encourage a discussion

    5 - i notice that there have been 'improvements' at blackheath recently - is the closure anything to do with these works? often station improvements go hand in hand with dis-improvements as we found in kings cross.
    If they are related to these works and there was a planning application at the time SET may well say that they consulted then and no one objected

    this may be a palaver and you may be unwilling to go off web into hard copy but that tends to get through better in my experience

    you should then get a clear explanation of what's happening that, if it doesn't fix the problem then gives you the basis for further action.


    william perrin

  • 14 Blackheath Bugle added an update close 08:46 18 Aug 2011

    Thanks for the reply William. SouthEastern trains don't have a Passengers Panel (I asked them today at the Meet the Managers session). They also suggested writing a letter. On paper. In 2011! They mentioned Passenger Focus and London Travel Watch as possible alternatives, and gave me the email address of the head of communications -

  • 15 Hannah Traver commented close 09:58 18 Aug 2011

    Is this the same door/problem as this user?

    Perhaps you should join forces to get that door open!

  • 16 Simon Allen commented close 12:52 30 Aug 2011

    When I enlarge the picture it refers to carrying out works and normal business as usual. So why shut the gate? Are the works complete?

  • 17 Tom Steinberg commented close 10:53 02 Sep 2011

    Hello BB - I was wondering what the station staff said when you asked them. Can you tell us? thanks, Tom

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