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“Please help me persuade Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company and Brighton and Hove City Council to reconsider their fare rises” – Myf Nixon


Myf Nixon

Those of us who use Brighton and Hove buses frequently have suffered fare rise upon rise over the past few years. At some point, we're going to reach a price ceiling where we simply can't afford to pay the ticket prices - and we're only a family of three. I can't imagine how larger families sustain their travel.

Aren't there other ways to fund this admittedly excellent service? More adverts on and inside buses might be a good source of revenue.

Fare prices really ought also to be set against other means of transport. We don't drive (part of why this is such a crucial issue for us) but I've already heard friends saying they take the car because parking in town is cheaper than the bus for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Problem History

  • 1 Myf Nixon reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 12:13 31 Aug 2011
  • 2 Myf Nixon wrote to Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company close 12:13 31 Aug 2011

    Here is the letter that Myf Nixon wrote.

    Fare rises

    I heard the news that ticket prices are set to rise in price again with dismay. I fully recognise that we have an excellent bus service in Brighton and that it's worth paying for, but the price hikes are so frequent that it becomes a serious dent in our weekly budget. We use the bus on an ad-hoc basis so season tickets do not help us.

  • 3 Myf Nixon commented close 09:48 26 Jan 2012

    Brighton & Hove Buses didn't reply to this issue - it did come pretty soon after another complaint I sent them via FMT, which they replied to very speedily, so I wonder if thety just thought I was going to badger them so frequently they'd rather not engage?

    I still find the bus fares too high and friends have remarked that it's cheaper for them to drive into town and pay for a day's parking than it is to buy bus tickets for the family. They have kids who are under the age where they pay, as well!

    We don't have a choice, though. I guess the bus company know that however high the fares, some of us will always have to pay up. I guess we do walk the mile into town more frequently than we used to - which we can do, now that our daughter is a bit older.

  • 4 Jonathan Tilley commented close 10:18 25 Apr 2012

    I remember when a 1 day Brighton bus ticket cost £1, it is now £4.40
    During this time, fuel costs have doubled. How can a 450% rise in fares be justified?

  • 5 Jonathan Stott commented close 13:41 25 Apr 2012

    Still cheaper than the buses in Medway/Kent. A day ticket for the Medway area costs £5.50 and single fares for 1-mile journeys are often over £2.

    There needs to be much better regulation of bus fares outside London to avoid situations where people are being priced off.

  • 6 Nicola Gibson commented close 21:36 13 Sep 2012

    Good for you for not driving though. And good on you for setting this up. I think the bus service is pretty good compared to other places I know in the country. However, I think more should be done to improve/regulate public transport in this town. I will now just walk rather than take the bus (with heavy shopping not ideal as we live on a hill) but what most disappoints in this is the most recent price hike because of what it will cost to buy my son a bus pass to go to school.

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