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“Please help me persuade Network Rail to reduce Loudspeaker Volume at Waterloo” – colin walter


colin walter

Recently installed new loudspeakers in Waterloo Station are very painfully, unnecessarily & excessively loud. Please turn the volume down! (I expect the station workers are legally entitled to ear protection at that level of noise.)

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  • 1 colin walter reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 08:49 12 Aug 2012
  • 2 colin walter wrote to South West Trains close 08:49 12 Aug 2012

    Here is the letter that colin walter wrote.

    Loudspeaker Volume

    Recently installed new loudspeakers in Waterloo Station are very painfully, unnecessarily & excessively loud. Please turn the volume down! (I expect the station workers are legally entitled to ear protection at that level of noise.)

  • 3 [email address] responded to colin walter close 08:54 12 Aug 2012
    Thank you for your email to South West Trains' customer relations.

    This email facility is for your comments, suggestions and complaints
    regarding the service we provide. For frequently asked questions about our
    service please visit

    If you would like information about train times and fares visit To register for JouneyCheck email
    alerts visit and for live train
    running information visit http://www.journeycheck.southwesttrains.....
    If you would like to follow us on Twitter please follow this link

    If you wish to book a rail ticket or check availability please contact
    South West Trains' Customer Service Centre on 0845 6000 650 (0600 to 2200
    every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day) or visit

    We will respond as soon as possible to your comments. Our promised response
    time is covered by South West Trains' Passengers' Charter. The Charter
    states that "we aim to provide a full reply within 20 working days" We
    will normally be able to respond much quicker than this but, at busy times,
    it may be necessary to work within this timescale.

    Please do not respond to this email as it has been sent automatically from
    an unattended mail box.
  • 4 Peter Dixon commented close 12:11 12 Aug 2012

    Hello Colin

    FixMyTranspoirt Volunteer here

    South West Trains are the train operator that serves the railway station. However, the tannoy is likely to be operated by Network Rail who run the railway station.

    However, there is nothing to worry about. I have sent your issue to Network Rail.

    Kind regards

  • 5The problem report was resent to Network Rail 12:16 12 Aug 2012
  • 6 [email address] responded to colin walter close 09:44 14 Aug 2012

    Stagecoach South Western Trains
    Customer Service Centre
    Overline House, Blechynden Terrace
    Southampton SO15 1GW
    Telephone 0845 6000 650
    Fax 023 8072 8187
    email [email address]

    [Reduce Loudspeaker Volume at Waterloo email]

    Our ref:1693429

    14 August 2012
    Dear Sirs

    Thank you for your contact regarding our services. We do welcome feedback
    from our
    customers and have established a full range of media channels to enable
    direct contact
    with our customer relations team.

    A webform on our website at

    By email to [email address]

    By post to –
    South West Trains Customer Relations,
    Overline House, Blechynden Terrace,
    Southampton. SO15 1GW.

    By telephone 0845 6000 650 option 4

    There are also established representative bodies which deal with unresolved
    from our passengers.

    For the London Area the organisation is London Travelwatch

    For the remainder of our area the organisation is Passenger Focus

    In order to guarantee a full and consistent response to the concerns
    raised, would you
    please advise our customer to use one of our established methods of contact.

    Jan Ledbyrne
    Stagecoach South Western Trains
  • 7 CRHQ responded to colin walter close 16:51 20 Aug 2012
    Dear Mr Walter

    Thank you for your feedback regarding the newly installed speakers at Waterloo station.

    The station manager has confirmed that the speakers are set to the same volume as the old ones, though they are a lot clearer. They are set to automatically adjust according to the ambient noise levels and should be louder when the concourse is busy but this should become lower when there are fewer people on the station.

    The evacuation message is purposely set to be loud to make sure it is heard when the station needs to be cleared, though once again it is not set to be louder than the old system, just more intelligible.

    However, the new system is due to be checked shortly by the company that installed it so if there are any issues found with the volume, this will be adjusted.

    I trust you will find this helpful.

    Kind regards

    Deborah Allbrook

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  • 8 Myf Nixon commented close 15:09 21 Aug 2012

    That's a good explanation, at least! I'm fascinated to hear that their technology can apparently adjust according to the ambient noise levels.

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