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Hilary Stafford-Clark

For the latest news on the rumoured threat to Greenland Pier and the response from Southwark Council to Cllr Paul Noblet's request for clarification:

It seems that Southwark Council will be closing Greenland Pier for repairs at the end of February but they deny there is any intention to close it down permanently. We will be watching!

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  • 1 Hilary Stafford-Clark reported the issue on FixMyTransport. close 11:21 04 Feb 2012
  • 2 Hilary Stafford-Clark wrote to Transport for London close 11:21 04 Feb 2012

    Here is the letter that Hilary Stafford-Clark wrote.

    Greenland Pier to close

    The news that Southwark Council is to close Greenland Pier - permanently - is disastrous for the 600-odd people who use it to get to work every day, as well as the many tourists and visitors who regularly enjoy travelling on it, either up to the West End or down to Greenwich. Not to mention the loss of custom to Thames Clippers who have worked so hard and invested so much in this valuable service over the past few years. Southwark Council should be investing in this, not destroying it, and encouraging people to use the river rather than congested roads, tubes and buses. This will cause a great deal of anger locally, too, and I believe Southwark council will live to regret this decision - which makes no sense on any level at all.

  • 3 [email address] responded to Hilary Stafford-Clark close 11:25 04 Feb 2012
    Thank you for your email. We can now confirm that this has been

    For further information about the Surface Transport Complaints
    and Feedback Policy including timescales, please see

    Problems with roadworks or other street faults? In support of
    the Mayor’s Streetworks Code of Conduct to help cut congestion,
    please report these issues by visiting

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  • 4 Julian Walker commented close 16:22 04 Feb 2012

    Hello Hilary,

    I've seen your e-mails about the photos, but I am sorry I do not have the necessary permissions to alter them.

    They will probably be sorted out after the weekend, but if they are not I will give the team a nudge.

    Julian Walker
    FixMyTransport Volunteer

  • 5 Florian Albert commented close 09:25 05 Feb 2012

    Does anyone know where this is coming from? Why would they suddenly want to shut this pier down?

  • 6 Brett Bennett-Smith commented close 09:45 05 Feb 2012

    Yes, Thames Clippers have been asked to cease operations at the pier on the 28th February 2012 as ordered to by the council:

    The pier is in urgent need of maintenance and it is speculated that instead of repairing they have decided that the cost is too high and will shut it instead. Previously the council announced a temporary closure of the pier for renovation back in November, but according to Thames Clippers the council wish to close and sell the pier instead.

  • 7 Hilary Stafford-Clark commented close 10:57 06 Feb 2012

    The leader of Southwark Council, Peter John, is denying that Southwark Council is closing the pier. Cillor Paul Noblet promises an update when he has more information from Cllr Hargrove (the Labour cabinet member responsible).

  • 8 Hilary Stafford-Clark commented close 22:35 07 Feb 2012

    See Southwark Council's reponse here:

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Greenland Pier in Rotherhithe/Surrey Quays
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