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Getting bus routes reinstated

When bus routes are discontinued, it can have a devastating effect on those who rely on them. If you live in a rural area, don’t drive, or simply rely on the bus to take you where you need to go, you may feel that a lifeline has been taken away from you - and often with no consultation.

You don’t have to lie back and give in, though. There are several ways in which you can make your voice heard - and get your bus service back.

FixMyTransport is an independent website which allows you to contact any bus company or council in Britain, and tell them how their cuts have affected you. We don’t leave it there. We give you the tools to gather support and really put pressure on the operators to bring back the bus service you need.

What can you do about it?


Or have a look at some of the unresolved cancelled bus service problems that have been reported and add your support.

How does FixMyTransport get things fixed?

It’s simple. You identify the route you want to get reinstated.

You write your message and we’ll send it off to the previous operator of that route, or the council if they subsidised it.

At the same time, we put a copy on this website, so that others can add their support and advice. If you’re nifty with Facebook and Twitter, you can spread the word really quickly - the more names there are supporting your campaign, the more the operator will have to listen to your request. Make sure you tell your friends and neighbours, and anyone else affected by the discontinued route.

When the operator or council replies, we publish their response on the page too, for all to see. And if it’s a no? FixMyTransport has a team of experts, ready to tell you who to write to next - could be your local transport group, your local councillor, or even the local press.

FixMyTransport gets things changed - have a look at our sidebar (right) to see examples of public transport issues that we’ve already solved.

It worked for them…

FixMyTransport gets things changed - have a look at examples of that we’ve already helped to solve.

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The following are still unsolved - can you help with these?

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