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Getting your bus to run on time

We’ve all wasted precious hours of our time standing at bus stops, waiting for a bus that never seems to come - and when bus delays are a daily occurrence, it really becomes frustrating.

Just as bad, perhaps, are those buses that come early - you arrive at the bus stop right on time, only to see them disappear into the distance. If you have a problem with buses that are late, early, or never arrive at all, you’ve come to the right website.

We are FixMyTransport, an independent site which helps people get their voice heard by transport operators. We will help you take control of your local bus services.

What can you do about it?


Or have a look at some of the unresolved late bus problems that have been reported and add your support.

How does FixMyTransport get things changed?

It’s simple. FixMyTransport contains details of every bus route in Britain. You just input the number and location of the route that isn’t working for you at the moment.

Write a message to the transport operator, and we’ll send it off. At the same time, we put a copy on this website, so that others can add their support and advice. If you’re nifty with Facebook and Twitter, you can spread the word really quickly - the more names there are supporting your campaign, the more the operator will have to listen to your complaint. This is also a great time to share the web address with fellow passengers - perhaps while you’re waiting at the bus stop!

The operator’s reply is published on the page too, for all to see. And if it doesn’t solve your problem? FixMyTransport has a team of experts, ready to tell you who to write to next - could be the Public Transport Executive, your local councillor, or even the local press.

FixMyTransport gets things changed - have a look at our sidebar (right) to see examples of public transport issues that we’ve already solved.

It worked for them…

FixMyTransport gets things changed - have a look at examples of that we’ve already helped to solve.

Can you help with these?

The following are still unsolved - can you help with these?

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