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Overcrowded trains, and what to do about them

Overcrowding on trains is a huge problem across Britain - and it’s not just on peak services or London routes. While the younger and fitter amongst us may not mind having to stand once in a while, overcrowding is a serious problem for the elderly, infirm, pregnant or claustrophobic - and even the best of us gets frustrated when it’s a daily occurrence.

Why does overcrowding occur on our train routes? In a nutshell, there simply are not enough carriages available to our train operators. The existing rolling stock is ageing, and the franchise system does not incentivise new investment.

We are FixMyTransport, an independent site which helps people get their voice heard by transport operators. We will help you campaign for longer, less crowded trains.

What can you do about it?


Or have a look at some of the unresolved overcrowding problems that have been reported and add your support.

How does FixMyTransport get things changed?

Given the background to the problem of overcrowding, it may seem futile to contact the train companies to lodge a complaint. But FixMyTransport gives you the extra leverage that you need to make a difference.

Here’s how it works. FixMyTransport contains details of every train route in Britain. You just find the overcrowded route you want to complain about.

Write a message to the transport operator, and we’ll send it off. At the same time, we put a copy on this website, so that others can add their support and advice. If you’re nifty with Facebook and Twitter, you can spread the word really quickly - the more names there are supporting your campaign, the more the operator will have to listen to your complaint. This is also a great time to share the web address with fellow passengers - perhaps while you’re standing shoulder to shoulder in the carriage!

The operator’s reply is published on the page too, for all to see. And if it simply brushes you off with a few excuses? Well, that’s where it starts to get interesting.

FixMyTransport has a team of experts, ready to tell you who to write to next - with problems like overcrowding, your issue needs to go to the very top. We’ll get your message to the relevant Public Transport Executive, the Department for Transport, and your local MP, all of whom can lobby at the very highest level - and all of whom are duty bound to ensure that you, the passenger, are receiving adequate public transport.

FixMyTransport gets things changed - have a look at our sidebar (right) to see examples of public transport issues that we’ve already solved.

It worked for them…

FixMyTransport gets things changed - have a look at examples of that we’ve already helped to solve.

Can you help with these?

The following are still unsolved - can you help with these?

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