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The FixMyTransport Guide to

Reporting rude transport staff

We expect a certain level of courtesy from our public transport staff. We understand their jobs are demanding, and that they may work long hours - but there is no excuse for rudeness.

If you’ve experienced impolite behaviour from a bus driver, railway worker, ticket collector or any other public transport employee, you can report it right here on FixMyTransport. We’ll make sure the issue is properly addressed.

We are an independent website and we make it easy to contact any transport provider in Britain.

What can you do about it?


Or have a look at some of the unresolved employee rudeness problems that have been reported and add your support.

What sort of problems can I report?

You can use FixMyTransport to report any issue with public transport staff. Common issues include:

  • Bus drivers failing to stop

  • Bad or abusive language from transport staff

  • Failure to attend to a passenger’s special needs

  • Unhelpful behaviour

  • Failure to adhere to the operator’s code of conduct

How does FixMyTransport work?

You identify the route, stop or station where the staff were rude to you.

You write your message, and we’ll send it off. At the same time, we put a copy on this website, so that others can see it. They can add their support and comments too. If you’re nifty with Facebook and Twitter, you can spread the word. We find that putting the whole thing in public tends to mean that problems get fixed - fast.

And if not? FixMyTransport has a team of experts, ready to tell you who to write to next - could be a passenger watchdog, or even the local press.

FixMyTransport gets things changed - have a look at our sidebar (right) to see examples of issues that we’ve already solved.

It worked for them…

FixMyTransport gets things changed - have a look at examples of that we’ve already helped to solve.

Can you help with these?

The following are still unsolved - can you help with these?

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