FixMyTransport is now closed to new submissions. The site is available as an archive for you to browse, but you can no longer report problems. Find out more…

FixMyTransport is no longer an active site; it’s just a set of static pages, so it’s not possible to create a new account, send a report or make any other kind of action. However, the site still contains data from its original users. This page explains our handling of that data.

Who we are

FixMyTransport was built and run by mySociety, a UK not-for-profit social enterprise. We still own and publish the site in its archived state.

What data we hold

If you made a report or left a comment on FixMyTransport during the years it was running (2011-2015), your name is on your publicly-accessible profile page, and on the web pages of any report that you created or commented on.

We no longer hold any other personal data such as your email address and password.

Effects of publication on FixMyTransport

As the site is still public, you may find that FixMyTransport pages appear in results when your name is input into search engines.

Retention periods

We do not currently have any plans to take FixMyTransport offline or to delete any of the data it holds. However, see below.

Lawful basis

Our lawful basis for processing personal data in this archive is 'legitimate interests'. We believe we have a legitimate interest in preserving this archive of problem reports and campaigns around the UK public transport system as a public resource for research.

Your right to access

You may contact us at any time to ask to see what personal data we hold about you.

Your right to erasure

If you choose to exercise your right to erasure, we can on request remove your name from our systems. This effectively anonymises any activity you engaged in on the site, but retains the reports themselves in our capacity as an archive. Please contact us via the details at the foot of this page.

Your right to object

The General Data Protection Regulation gives you the right to object to our processing of your personal information and to ask us to stop processing it. In effect, for this archive, that would be the same as exercising your right to erasure. Please contact us via the details at the foot of this page.

Your right to complain

If you believe that we have mishandled your data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can report a concern here (but do contact us first, so that we can try and help).


Our registered address is:

483 Green Lanes
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United Kingdom

…and we can also be contacted at

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