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Initial problem

The automated announcements at Burnage station (and the station information map on the National Rail website) both make reference to the Manchester-bound platform as being platform 1. However, the live departures board on the National Rail website refers to this as platform 2. Although neither platform has a physical platform number display sign (utilising destinations instead), please can you standardise which platform is which in the virtual arena?

  • By James McCollom on 20 Sep 2011
  • Sent to Northern Rail on 20 Sep 2011
  • 1 James McCollom added an update close 16:11 20 Sep 2011

    Live departure board shows trains to Manchester Piccadilly departing from platform 2
    Map shows Manchester-bound platform (with ticket office) as platform 1 - automated announcements over the tannoy follow this method

    In real life, the platforms are marked by direction (to Manchester or to Airport and Wilmslow) so not an issue.

  • 2 James McCollom added an update close 11:31 27 Sep 2011

    As an interim solution, it seems that Burnage no longer has any platform numbers on the live departure boards.

  • 3 James McCollom added an update close 15:21 29 Jun 2012

    I have now raised this separately via the National Rail Enquiries website.

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