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Initial problem


I am sitting on the 2.36 from Oxford, and I'm dismayed to find that the heating has been inexplicably switched on a clearly warm day. It must be well over 30 degrees, and it's really pretty uncomfortable.

Can you please tell me why the heating is on on a day like this, and who should be responsible for ensuring you don't boil your own customers.


Tom Steinberg

  • By Tom Steinberg on 24 Sep 2011
  • Sent to Crosscountry on 24 Sep 2011
  • 1 Tom Steinberg added an update close 15:28 24 Sep 2011

    I have now been told that the heating is off, but the Underfloor engines somehow heat the carriages like this. This doesn't happen in our knackered old car, so I'm now tempted to ask what steps have been taken to discipline whoever procured expensive new trains with such a design flaw.

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