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Initial problem

I wish to complain about the driver of the W5 VRM
YJ60PFK on Sunday 04/12/2011 who refused to stop at the hail and ride points we have used for years the bus announces that it is the end of the hail and ride just before it end and there is always a point just past that that the buses have stopped ever since the route started but the driver refused to stop forcing people to have to walk long distances at one point one very elderly man with 2 sticks and women with small children this route covers an area that has a lot of hills that are very steep
I suggest that before your driver go on a route they at least do the run a couple of times to see where the points are and when being told by at least half a dozen passengers that there is a alighting and drop off point on the next corner gives them the benefit of the doubt

  • By morgan alexis on 05 Dec 2011
  • Sent to Transport for London on 05 Dec 2011
  • 1 Jeff Miller added an update close 11:11 19 Jan 2012

    I have had a similar problem regarding the hail and ride zone of the W5 bus on Stanhope Road. I tried to hail the bus in the hail and ride section and this driver refused to stop, waved as he passed and then stopped about 200m further down the road. I was left to walk 15 minutes to alternative transport. Drivers on this route seem to operate as if there are bus stops in place, and if you are not standing where they think a stop is, they will refuse to stop. There are no designated bus stops in this area as it is a hail and ride zone.

  • 2 morgan alexis added an update close 12:36 19 Jan 2012

    i agree even though it is hail and ride we all know there are places where they will stop
    the issue is that they will not even stop in these places once the announcment state hail and ride ends here ,this driver would not stop and even though we all told him there was a stop off point slightly further he refused to stop they seem to make it up as they go along (some of them Not all)
    surprise surprise though nothing replied to by TFL upon my complaint

  • 3 Peter Dixon added an update close 15:26 12 Feb 2012

    Hello Morgan

    FixMyTransport volunteer here

    Have you had a response from TfL yet about this issue?

    Kind regards

  • 4 Alan Smythe added an update close 18:56 16 Jun 2015

    Even in 2015 with CTplus running the buses , this failure to stop persists. It seems to be different drivers stop in different places or not at all, & some won't pick you up even if you hail them [even vigourously]. I emailed CT+ direct but didn't get a response. This route needs proper bus stops that both driver and intending passengar can see, and drivers who CARE.

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