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Initial problem

coming back from an appointment near finsbury park, I needed to go back with the W3 towards northumberland park. It was about 16.50 pm and no bus showed up untill 17.15pm althought this service is supposed to leave every 6-8 minutes. After waiting for 25 minutes in finsbury park station we got on the bus, but then to our amazement the bus terminated at the second stop, once it was on white hart lane. Nothing was marked up on the bus before it left and the word from the driver on the bus' s internal pa system was, "everyone off, bus stops here". not very friendly and very bad English. NOT HAPPY WITH THIS KIND OF SERVICE. I know there was football in Tottenham stadium which is not even on white hart lane itself!!!! I really see no reason for the bus not to go all the way instead of terminating, or why it couldnt be marked up on the front display on the bus or even the internal stop anouncement display or for the driver to anounce it before he leaves the station. but then again, with the poor quality of English, we probably wouldnt even understand. Many clients were not pleased at all with this service. please make sure the passengers know clearly where the bus terminates if it should do so, and please make drivers take some sort of English oral exam before they need to anounce something on the p.a. system. customer service from many drivers is well below parr

  • By marc baetens on 22 Dec 2011
  • Sent to Transport for London on 22 Dec 2011
  • 1 Julian Walker added an update close 09:38 23 Dec 2011

    Apart from the football (whilst the stadium at Tottenham is not on White Hart Lane itself, events there cause disruption to traffic over a very wide area including that served by the W3); buses also have to negotiate Wood Green which struggles to cope with the volumes of Christmas shopping traffic in the few days before Christmas.

    Some good news for W3 users; a new fleet of buses is on order for the route and these should be delivered early in the New Year.

  • 2 marc baetens added an update close 11:52 03 Feb 2012

    I have had the same problem again on 31/01/12 going towards Finsbury park this time. granted there were roadworks in Woodgreen but still my bus terminated halfway throught the route to the absolute disgust of most passengers/ client. we had to wait for the next bus which at the time was stuck in the fore mentioned roadworks. i had already taken 3 buses earlier to ensure i got to my appointment on time and i was still to late. I don't know why it keeps on happening, but the company should really consider to stop terminating this route halfway through the journey. it may be convenient for the company but not for the passengers/ clients. now what is most important?

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