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Initial problem

My son bought a ticket this morning for the 08:47 train. On the train he was asked to provide his ticket. On doing so he provided the return by accident. The ticket conductor told him that this was fraud and tore this up. He then asked to pay the full single fare of £2 single. He now has not got enough money for food at college and I have to go and pick him up after college! all the for the sake of asking if he had the right ticket instead of the return!!!

  • By Russell Wyatt on 10 Feb 2012
  • Sent to Northern Rail on 10 Feb 2012
  • 1 Dave H added an update close 18:03 10 Feb 2012

    Do you have the remains of the first ticket? If he bought a return ticket and presented the return portion, then why did he not then present the outbound portion, which would be valid, and he should have had if he had purchased a return fare, and then the conductor should have re-issued a voucher ticket to replace the one torn up in error.

    The story does not seem to make sense or am I missing something?

    Was the ticket purchased for cash from a ticket window or from a machine? With the number of the issuing machine from the ticket the details of when it was purchased can verify various details, and acting fast can secure CCTV to prove the purchase was made at the time.

    Would he have the tickets from previous days' travel in his pocket? Presenting an out of date ticket can happen if you have several and forget to check the date.

  • 2 Russell Wyatt added an update close 09:40 13 Feb 2012

    MY son bought the Ticket from Wigan Wallagate Station at the ticket Kiosk. He threw the single part of the ticket away as this was useless as the return journey had been confiscated off of him. The ticket was bought that morning between 08:20 - 08:47. I have since learnt that the conductor did not tear the ticket up, he actually put this in his pocket and accissed my son of fraud!
    Any further information you require, please see the complaint Northern 245620

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