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Initial problem

When I tried to make my normal change from overground to the Northern line at london Bridge this morning, there were signs and barriers splitting Jubilee Line travellers to the left and Northern Line travellers to the right. At the end of the barriers the turnstiles lead back into the overground station so I had to go back to my usual route. When I asked, the Underground staff told me I could still get to the Northern Line by my usual route and thet the diversion should have been to the high street entrance for the Northern Line.

If this is some sort of half baked exercise in preparation for the Olympics, then God help us all in August. You NEED TO PUT PROPER SIGNAGE IN PLACE TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND WHY, AND ALSO TO MAKE SURE TRAVELLERS KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY SHOULD GO.

I ended up missing a train because of this idiocy and in the end I was able to use my usual route anyway.

  • By Steve E on 22 Feb 2012
  • Sent to Transport for London on 22 Feb 2012
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