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Initial problem

7.33am bus, on route 28 to town on Friday 24 Feb 2012. A young lady with a toddler in a pushhair got on bus on Ashbourne road, asked the driver for a day ticket and gave him the money, after he had put the money away he said she had only given him £3.80 (should be £4.00). He was very rude and didn't even say it nicely. she responded by saying she had checked several times and there was definitely £4.00. She was very calm and never at any point did she raise her voice or get aggresive. She said I gave you £4.00 and i am not giving you any more. He kept shouting liar down the bus and shouting you owe me 20p. She said to him 'are you now going to argue about this the whole journey'. He proceeded to count his money whilst driving and swerved round stationary cars twice on Friargate, whislt still going on about her being a liar and owing 20p.
1. he should never have put the money away as he could no longer prove it was 20p short, that's if it was...He himself could have counted wrong.
2. he should not have been shouting abuse at a young young girl down the bus, especialy since she had a toddler with her.
3. I myself felt extremely uncomfortable as did other passengers, there were lots of embarrassed looks flying around.
4. And he should not have been counting money whilst the bus was moving. I watched him through the mirror for the rest of the journey and his eyes were certainly not on the road a lot of the time, which was very scarey as he was driving angrily anyway.
5. he was counting the money and throwing it back in loudly so everyone on the bus knew what he was doing.
6. when the girl got off, he carried on shouting saying , I counted the money.. 20p short, he carried on saying it to everyone that got off. I said to him ' It's 20p for goodness sake, and we know you counted the money, we could hear you BUT you counted it whilst you were driving'. He just shouted over me 'I counted the money, 20p short'. I just repeated 'yes and you were driving'

I seriously don't think he took on board the fact that he was putting everyones safety at risk by doing this. Perhaps the lesson to learn here is ... don't put the money away till it has been checked. For the sake of 20p.. unforgiveable. It was a very uncomfortable and at times frightening journey.

  • By Gina Parsons on 24 Feb 2012
  • Sent to Arriva Derby on 24 Feb 2012
  • 1 Dave H added an update close 18:48 27 Feb 2012

    I've had a much more serious case of cashing up at 100Kph (62.5mph) on the M8 - the driver was coming off shift at the end of this trip and printed the reconcilliation ticket, put on his reading glasses and began to steer with his knees as he counted notes and bagged up the notes.

    Twice he drifted on to the hard shoulder. I reported this to the inspector and company office when we arrived in Glasgow and they were able to check because the ticket machine would have time-stamped the reconcilliation ticket, and this would clearly have been at the same time as the tachograph was recording 100 Kph.

    In retrospect I should have gone to the front of the coach and ordered the driver to stop, in the interests of the safety for all on board, and had he not stopped I would have called 999 and asked for a traffic car to stop the coach. This I would do on a future occasion. Your driver has committed an offence under the 'Conduct' Regulations, which prohibit a bus or coach driver from doing any activity other than drive the vehicle when it is moving*. The vehicle (if it is a modern bus) will have a CCTV camera covering the front platform which will have this activity recorded.

    Depending on how serious you feel the incident is you might wish to get the CCTV record downloaded before it gets recorded over and the option is whether you contact the bus operator's registered office (on the left side panel of the bus) or the local Police.

    * For this reason you have a bell push to request the bus to stop and are prohibited from standing in front of a line or talking to the driver without good cause, when the bus is in motion. Even before mobile phones were widely available it was against the law for bus & coach drivers to use them when driving. This also includes microphones on tour buses, hence the small signs beside the microphone.

  • 2 Karl O'Meara added an update close 05:31 27 May 2015

    Just to note that "stage carriage" buses - that is ones that run to a timetable do not use the Tachograph.

    If someone finds themselves in this position the best proof would be mobile recording I would suggest.

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