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Initial problem

I boarded the train at 23:36 from Cooden Beach, on the 06/4/2012, I approached the train guard to buy a ticket as the office was closed at this hour, when I noticed I was £0.60 short of the train-fare for my girlfriend and I. I firstly asked the train guard whether he would let me off this small amount, to which he said no, so I asked whether he would allow me to pay the rest of the fare on my debit card. He refused, saying that I would either need to pay by cash or by credit card. When my girlfriend remarked that she had done this before, the train guard named 'Shaun' asked us to leave the train at the next station, as we were 'troublemakers'. I felt this was completely out of line, as we had been completely polite and had simply underestimated the train fare, so I began to argue with this 'Shaun', so he said that he would charge me for one full price train ticket, and that he would not allow us to use our student railcards as we had 'wasted his time' and he 'was not in the mood after doing this for 9 hours'. After this, I went up to 'Shaun' and asked him to give me his full name or some kind of identification so I could submit a complaint, to which he replied, 'my name's Shaun that's all you need to know'. Shaun was very rude and disrespectful to me and my girlfriend throughout this conversation - terrible customer service to a degree which I haven't experienced from any Southern staff before.

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