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Initial problem

I was recently travelling from London Victoria to Clapham Junction and then changed trains to finish at Hinchley Wood. I had some items of luggage and asked a man at the Victoria Station information office if anyone would be available to assist me when allighting from the train at Clapham Junction as there is a massive gap between the train and platform. The gentleman assured me that a member of staff would be pleased to assist me. However on arrival at Clapham Junction, there was no one in sight belonging to the rail staff and then I had to ask a member of the public to help me down. On leaving Clapham Junction from another platform to travel on to Hinchley Wood, I asked a lady with the words Passenger Assistance written on the back of her uniform if she would help me to get on the train with my luggage. She had a baton in her hand to wave the trains off - she replied that "if she was not busy she would help me" however, when my train arrived - she was nowhere in sight.

I would like to mention that I am 71 but not incapacitated - however those large gaps make me very nervous, as I believe they do other passengers. My son told me that at Vauxhall Station the gaps are even larger. Maybe there should be certain carriages with extending steps as I am sure people with buggies etc. also experience problems. In the end I just asked another passenger to assist me.

I feel certain that other travellers would appreciate some improvement in this situation. Another lady I was speaking to said that "she avoided Clapham Junction at all costs" - surely this is not the way forward in modern travel. thank you. Heather Tyrrell.

  • 1 heather tyrrell added an update close 13:08 26 Jun 2012

    To my knowledge the problem has not been fixed but as I do not travel along that route regularly I am not really in a position to comment as to whether adjustments have been made to the gaps for passengers alighting from the train. I presume that the railway company expect people to "mind the gap" themselves but maybe there should be more assistance from the staff if they are availlable.

  • 2 Julie Bond added an update close 09:58 26 Jan 2015

    Avoid East Croydon - a year on from jumping off a train with a huge gap to the platform I still cannot walk properly and may need knee surgery.

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