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Initial problem

Dear Sir/Madam,

I travelled through London Bridge station whilst you were trialling the Olympics queueing system the other day and, having been fearful of long delays I was very impressed with how smoothly everything went. In particular, the signage was clear and easy to follow.

I do have a small number of pieces of negative feedback that I thought you might find useful before the Games commence.

1 All the signs assumed that people knew which platform they wanted by number; whereas I would have found it useful to have an indication of destinations, for example.

2 I couldn't see any indication of how to get step-free access to platforms 1-5, as I was routed up stairs from platform 8 and back down stairs from the overpass.

3 One entering the compulsory-ticket area, we were advised not to tap in with Oyster PAYG, but to tap out at our destinations (in my case, Charing Cross). Checking my Oyster history later in the evening, I had been charged an incomplete journey on my card.

Whilst the lack of step-free access mean I suffered some pain with the stairs, none of these was a major problem for me (I could remember the platform number I needed; I can use stairs, albeit more slowly at times; and a helpful TfL assistant corrected the Oyster charge for me), I thought I should pass this feedback on, in case any are things you are able to improve on before the Games start.

Thank you again for what was a surprisingly simple and smooth journey through your station; I hope everything goes as well during the Games time.

All the best,

Owen Blacker

  • By Owen Blacker on 15 Jul 2012
  • Sent to Network Rail on 15 Jul 2012
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