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Initial problem

to whom it might concern
I have to make a complaint about one of your uneducated bus driver who didn't respect me and listen to me as a disable woman with back spinal problems.
On the afternoon of the 27th of September 2012 i took the bus 185 from catford bridge at approx 16.00 hours to go home with my heavy shopping bags which i did put them at the front of the bus in the special place where in the luggage area ! Just before i had to get off at Blythe Vale ,i did asked your bus driver nicely to let me get off at the front of the bus as i had lots of heavy bags and the bus was so so packed with customers! But your bus driver said No very UN-politely and he told me to get off at the back of the bus, even he knew i have lots of bags with shopping and it was impossible to go at the back of the bus as it was so packed with people. Then when i tried to make my way thru the crowded bus all the way at the back ,he watched me laughing sarcastically and shut the door on my face, then id pressed the stop button again and he knew i want to get off the bus and he smiled at me again and carry on driving to the next stop. I was very upset and disappointed as this driver of yours and his attitude maked me cry and stress me. I had to get off to the next stop and wait other half an hour in the bad weather for other bus so i can get home with my shopping bags!
I always use this bus service and all your other driver are very nice and let me get off with my shopping in the front door when the bus is crowded with people!
Can you please identified this bus driver and let me know his name so i can go further !
People like this driver gives you a very bad name and they should be fired on the spot, there are plenty of good people out there waiting for a bus driver job!

  • By Ewa Budzikur on 27 Sep 2012
  • Sent to Transport for London on 27 Sep 2012
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