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Initial problem

I would like to check how many journeys are left on my keycard.

Your website ( states "You can also check the tickets on your key online [links to] or by calling us on 01273 886200".

The link that you provide to check the card online does NOT list how many journeys are remaining. I cannot find this information anywhere on your site.

On this page, there is a very confusing list of information:

"Your product purchase is now ready to be loaded onto your card and used when you next make a journey.
You cannot purchase any further new products or top ups online until this has been collected."

Issue date: 23-Apr-12 [I assume this is the date the card was first acquired]
Number of tickets: 1 Day [I assume that this means it has been loaded with Day Savers - not ONE Day Saver, but Savers that last one day]
Passes Remaining: 0 [I assume this means there were 0 tickets left when I last topped up]
Value: £16.00 " [I assume this refers to my most recent top-up, or does it refer to the one before that?]

My husband has just tried the other avenue you suggest, ie phoning your offices, and was told that you cannot give any information about the card until the latest purcahse has been activated.

In summary, this is an extremely frustrating process that could have been made so simple if your website had been tested by real people in real situations. Surely everyone wants to be able to check how many journeys are left on their key cards at some time or another.

  • By Myf Nixon on 08 Oct 2012
  • Sent to Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company on 08 Oct 2012
  • 1 Myf Nixon added an update close 16:47 08 Oct 2012

    I received a rapid response which basically said that the system is provided by an outside company, and that it's impossible to link purchases to cards until they have been first activated - my correspondent indicated that this is a frustration for them as well as for passengers.

    He also said that it was a fault of the system and the website could not be blamed. I have to disagree there - when systems are imperfect, good information can go a long way. The Key website is very difficult to navigate and I have found it difficult to locate the information I need on a number of different occasions.

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