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Initial problem

On the morning of 19/04/13 at I boarded the 05:03 Bus at Hornchurch from the Vaughan Avenue bus stop heading towards Collier Row. Once I boarded the bus I attempted to use my oyster card but unfortunatly I did not have enough money on the card to use for a Journey. I had cash on me but I only had a £20 note, to which I attempted to give to the driver. At this point the driver told me he didnt have enough change and he did not have any yellow tickets (im not actually sure what a yellow ticket is). I asked him what shall I do and he advised "I needed to wait for another bus". I advised that this would make me late for work the drivers response was "I dont care". I asked him if I could board the bus as I have money and am willing to pay and hopfully if anyone else pays then he may have the money to supply me with the change further in the journey. The driver at this point became aggressive towards me and stated, "I am on camera here and have been booked four f**king times already for this", I replied "come on mate lets not be silly here" and his reply was "no get off the bus". I then proceeded to take the reg plate of the bus to which the driver opened his doors again and shouted "take the f**king number, i'll give it to you if you want". I said to him "I will be taking your number and asked him why he was swearing at me and being aggressive", he said "i'm not swearing at you im just swearing in general", I then asked him why is he swearing in general as its not very nice and he replied "because of f**king idiots thats why" he then closed his doors and befored driving away i heard him shout either "f**king prick" or "prick" at me through the closed doors. This behaviour is unnacceptable and if somebody acted like this towards your staff you would strive to have them prosecuted. I am also going to write to my local authorities to advise them of this incident as like I say if a youth of today did this they would be branded a thug and a menace to society. I would like you to investigate this thoroughly including monitoring the CCTV as you would in any other aggressive incident on one of your buses. I didnt manage to take the number plate reg as I was so shocked and in fear that the driver would actually leave the bus to confront me.

  • By Michael Watts on 19 Apr 2013
  • Sent to Transport for London on 19 Apr 2013
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