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Initial problem

Dear First

I am extremely annoyed to learn that yesterday morning my father was involved in an incident on a number 5 bus travelling from Strensall to York. He boarded the bus yesterday morning (Thursday 29 August 2013) shortly after 9.00am (him being a pensioner) at Huntington to travel into York. As he made his way down the aisle of the bus, the driver accelerated so fast that the force threw my father uncontrollably to the floor of the bus, causing pain, shock and extensive bruising to his hip and shoulder. The other passengers on the bus ensured he was okay, if very shaken. The driver merely continued to do his job of "driving".

Your guidance on this web site is to "try and be polite and constructive and suggest positive steps for improving things". I am utterly livid at such irresponsible and dangerous behaviour from a bus driver. You are a company providing a service to the public, and to that effect, you above all organisations should ensure that social responsibility and the care of duty to those passengers whom you carry on your journeys and in your vehicles is paramount at all times. This evidently was not the case yesterday. My suggestion for improving things - clearly this careless bus driver has jeopardised the health and care of one of his and your passengers. My father is a pensioner with a heart condition, for which this appalling situation angers me further - the shock caused by this driver could have killed him. In your line of business I would assume that such an irresponsible act of injury to one of your customers would warrant instant dismissal of the bus driver responsible. If this is not the case (and if not why not?), then the very least that should happen is that the driver be immediately removed from operating a bus and driving the public, and undergo extensive retraining on how to drive responsibly and carefully. That way he may no longer pose a present danger to even more of your customers, as he continues to be now.

For information, I will also be contacting the City of York Council to inform them of this abhorrent incident.

Yours faithfully

Mrs V A King, York.
[phone number removed but sent to operator]

  • By Mrs V. A. King on 30 Aug 2013
  • Sent to First West Yorkshire Ltd on 30 Aug 2013
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