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Initial problem

Someone as removed the timetables from the bus stops round the corner from The Red Cow and replaced it with a 2002 timetable, can you please replace thisassoon as possible.

  • By Stella Smith on 08 Oct 2013
  • Sent to Arriva Midlands on 08 Oct 2013
  • 1 Stella Smith added an update close 18:27 19 Nov 2013

    I am disgusted it has taken you thus long to respond, also the problem still exists, please fix it ASAP.
    Stella Smith

  • 2 Stella Smith added an update close 18:52 31 Dec 2013

    Still waiting for this to be attended to, not impressed.

  • 3 Stella Smith added an update close 19:57 11 Feb 2014

    Still no timetable, what a joke

  • 4 Stella Smith added an update close 10:26 26 Mar 2014

    This is a complete joke, this as still not been resolved, the bus stop remains with NO TIMETABLE, if you would email a copy of it to me I will fix it to the stop myself, this was reported almost six months ago, could you please send me the Appropiate timetable for this bus stop, si I at east know what time to expect the 153 service going to Desford.

    Kind regards

  • 5 Stella Smith added an update close 11:42 07 May 2014

    Still no timetable at the bus stop, this was requested inNovember 2013, for goodness sake what takes so long it is a simple enough request, THERE IS NO TIMETABLE AT THE BUS STOP, SOME MORON HAS REMOVED IT DO YOU UNDERSTAND.

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