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Paul Berry


About me

I was season ticket holder for my Sheffield-Nottingham commute. I usually got the 0732 in the morning and one of the xx45 services back (mostly the 1645). I used a folding bike to complete my journey at either end.

I often ended up going via Derby, rather than directly, if I missed a train or it was running late, since "Route: Any Permitted" allowed me to do so.

My preferred TOC was East Midlands Trains (EMT) and their morning service was an excellent HST service.

I has been gathering evidence for the fact that the xx45 evening service from Nottingham (the Norwich-Liverpool Lime Street route) was often inadequate for the number of passengers attempting to use it. This was especially the case on Friday evenings with weekenders and their luggage.

EMT had promised to extend this to a four-car service (it was two at time of last use) many times but any extra rolling stock which had materialised had been used to lengthen off-peak services, which pretty much defeats the point.

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