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Between Manchester, Didsbury, and Manchester City Centre

Operated by Finglands

Problems reported on this bus route

  • scooter on bus - one-off report

    scooter on bus

    I have been told by bus drivers, both on your buses on this route, and on Stagecoach buses, that ...

    by Tamsin Macdonald

    12 Dec 23:31


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42 bus between Manchester, Didsbury, and Manchester City Centre
  1. 1 Piccadilly Gardens (Stop G) (Stop G)
  2. 2 Portland Street/Chorlton St (Stop CU) (Stop Cu)
  3. 3 Princess St/Major St (Stop SL) (Stop Sl)
  4. 4 Whitworth St/India House (Stop SY) (Stop Sy)
  5. 5 Oxford Rd/Oxford Rd Stn (Stop B) (Stop B)
  6. 6 Oxford Road/The B.B.C. (Bbc)
  7. 7 Oxford Road/Aquatics Centre (All Saints)
  8. 8 Oxford Rd/University Shopping Ctr (E) (Stop E)
  9. 9 Oxford Road/University (Holy Name)
  10. 10 Oxford Road/Royal Infirmary (Stop F) (Stop F)
  11. 11 Oxford Road/St Mary's (Stop D) (Stop D)
  12. 12 Wilmslow Rd/Great Western St (Stop H) (Os Hse 85)
  13. 13 Wilmslow Rd/Rusholme Centre (Stop F) (Stop F)
  14. 14 Wilmslow Rd/Dickenson Rd (Stop E) (Os Hse 221)
  15. 15 Wilmslow Rd/Platt Fields Park (Stop A) (Nr Flats)
  16. 16 Wilmslow Road/Grangethorpe Road (Os Flats)
  17. 17 Wilmslow Road/Old Hall Lane (Nr Flats)
  18. 18 Wilmslow Road/Owen's Park (Stop B) (Stop B)
  19. 19 Wilmslow Rd/Friendship Inn (Stop F) (Stop F)
  20. 20 Wilmslow Road/Granville Road (Os Flats 1-16)
  21. 21 Wilmslow Road/Mauldeth Road (Stop C) (Stop C)
  22. 22 Wilmslow Rd/Withington Library (Stop E) (Stop E)
  23. 23 Wilmslow Rd/Withington St Paul's (D) (Stop D)
  24. 24 Wilmslow Road/Christie Hospital (Op Christie Hos)
  25. 25 Wilmslow Road/Ferndene Road (Golden Lion)
  26. 26 Wilmslow Road/Old Broadway (O/s House 595)
  27. 27 Wilmslow Road/Fog Lane (O/s House 623)
  28. 28 Wilmslow Road/Belfield Road (O/s House 647)
  29. 29 Wilmslow Road/Didsbury Library (Stop B) (Stop B)
  30. 30 Wilmslow Road/Grange Lane (Stop D) (Stop D)
  31. 31 Wilmslow Road/Broomhurst Hall (University)
  32. 32 Wilmslow Road/Fletcher Moss (Man Met Uni)
  33. 33 Wilmslow Rd/Didsbury Cricket Club (Op Cricket Club)
  34. 34 Wilmslow Rd/East Didsbury Station (J) (Stop J)
  35. 35 Kingsway/Parrs Wood Stop E1 (Stop E1)
  36. 36 Kingsway/Parrs Wood Stop E2 (Stop E2)
  37. 37 Kingsway/Parrs Wood Stop E3 (Stop E3)
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