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In Aberdeen

Operated by First in Aberdeen

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13A bus in Aberdeen
  1. 1 Middlefield Church (46m West of Logie Terrace)
  2. 2 Manor Walk (83m East of Provost Rust Drive)
  3. 3 Granitehill Road (Opposite NO170 to NO176)
  4. 4 Granitehill Road (Opposite the Sub Station)
  5. 5 Granitehill Road (Opp Granitehill Enterprise Centre)
  6. 6 Deansloch Crescent (51m East of Marchburn Road)
  7. 7 Byron Square (30m Esst of Byron Avenue)
  8. 8 Deansloch Terrace (At Deansloch Terrace)
  9. 9 Byron Avenue (28M north of Provost Fraser Drive)
  10. 10 Upper Mastrick Way (49m East of Byron Avenue)
  11. 11 Birkhall Parade (50m s of Provost Fraser Drive)
  12. 12 Ugie Place (8m South of Ugie Place)
  13. 13 Shops (83m East of Fernhill Drive)
  14. 14 Hillylands Road (21m South of Hillylands Road)
  15. 15 Fernhill Drive (33m East of Fernhill Drive)
  16. 16 Stronsay Crescent (Opp Summerhill Education Centre)
  17. 17 Eday Road (44m North of stronsay Place)
  18. 18 Summerhill Drive (80m East of Stronsday Place)
  19. 19 Summerhill Terrace (At NO30)
  20. 20 Rosewell Gardens (27m South of Balfron Place)
  21. 21 Kings gate (48m East of Summerhill Road)
  22. 22 Anderson Drive (87m East of Anderson Drive)
  23. 23 Moray Place (18m East of Woodhill Place)
  24. 24 Woodstock road (52m East of Woodstck Road)
  25. 25 Forest Road (8m East of Richmondhill Road)
  26. 26 Richmondhill Place (East of Richmondhill Place)
  27. 27 Fountainhall Road (73m East of Gordondale Road)
  28. 28 Hamilton Place (47m South of Hamilton Place)
  29. 29 Desswood Place (41m e of Fountainhall Road)
  30. 30 Queens Cross (87m East of Fountainhall Road)
  31. 31 Prince Albert Street (72m West of Albyn Place)
  32. 32 Rubislaw Place (40m West of Rubislaw Place)
  33. 33 Holburn Junction (36m West of Victoria Street)
  34. 34 Langstane Kirk (74m West of Union Row)
  35. 35 Music Hall (16m East of Huntly Street)
  36. 36 St Nicholas Kirk (18m East of Belmont Street)
  37. 37 Adelphi (65m East of Adelphi)
  38. 38 Castle Street (42m East of Broad Street)
  39. 39 Wales Street (19m East of Wales Street)
  40. 40 Beach Boulevard (136m West of Links Road)
  41. 41 Constitution Street (45m n of Beach Boulevard)
  42. 42 Urquhart Road (49m North of Urquhart Road)
  43. 43 Beach Ballroom (40m West of Beach Boulevard)
  44. 44 Beach Boulevard (Opposite Beach boulevard)
  45. 45 Beach (Opposite Codonas Entrance)
  46. 46 Beach South (At toilet block)
  47. 47 York Street (at new pier road)
  48. 48 York Street (232m East of York Street)
  49. 49 Wellington Street (26m East of Wellington Street)
  50. 50 Beach Boulevard (Retail Park)
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