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Between Colchester and St Michaels

Operated by First (in the Essex area)

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63 bus between Colchester and St Michaels
  1. 1 Aerofoil Grove (opposite)
  2. 2 Railway Station Layby (Stand A)
  3. 3 The Albert (outside)
  4. 4 Causton Road (adjacent)
  5. 5 Middleborough (S-bound)
  6. 6 Hippodrome (Stop W)
  7. 7 Bus Station (Stand 1)
  8. 8 Osborne Street (Stop G)
  9. 9 St. John's Street (Stop K)
  10. 10 Crouch Street (Stop M)
  11. 11 Maldon Court (outside)
  12. 12 Salisbury Avenue (Opp)
  13. 13 Abbey Field (adjacent)
  14. 14 Ypres Road (opposite)
  15. 15 Queen Mary Avenue (adjacent)
  16. 16 Gurdon Road (adjacent)
  17. 17 Chariot Drive (adjacent)
  18. 18 Peerswood Road (S-bound)
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