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Problems reported at this bus stop

No reported problems.


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Wilmslow Rd/Friendship Inn (Stop F) (Stop F) bus stop in Fallowfield
  1. 142 Wilmslow Road/Christie Hospital and Kingsway/Parrs Wood Stop E3
  2. 48 Palatine Road/Moor End (Stop B)
  3. 42A Gorton Road/Bulls Head
  4. 41 Altrincham Interchange
  5. 41 Broad Road/Sale Tram Stop (H), Altrincham Interchange, and School Road/Sale Tram Stop (G)
  6. 143 Palatine Road/Lapwing Lane and Palatine Road/Circular Road
  7. 44 Manchester Airport The Station, Park Road, and Church Road/Red Lion
  8. 46 Albert Square (Stop WE) and Barlow Moor Rd/Princess Rd (Stop D)
  9. 157 Chester Road/Davenport Arms
  10. 42 Stockport Bus Station and Kingsway/Parrs Wood Stop E3
  11. 43 Manchester Airport The Station
  12. X57 Chester Road/Davenport Arms and Moss Lane/Ack Lane East
  13. 42 Wilmslow Rd/Withington Library (Stop E) and Kingsway/Parrs Wood Stop E3
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