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In Trent Bridge near Victoria Embankment on Trent Bridge

Problems reported at this bus stop

No reported problems.


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Victoria Embankment (Stop ME06) bus stop in Trent Bridge
  1. 4A Burton Street
  2. 99P Broad Marsh Bus Station
  3. 1 Beastmarket Hill
  4. 6 Victoria Centre
  5. 52 Broad Marsh Bus Station
  6. Cotgrave Connection Friar Lane
  7. 7B Victoria Embankment
  8. 2 Beastmarket Hill
  9. 3 Beastmarket Hill
  10. D2 Victoria Bus Station (inactive)
  11. X9 Angel Row
  12. 90A Friar Lane
  13. 5 Victoria Centre
  14. 10 Victoria Centre
  15. 8B Victoria Embankment
  16. 9B Victoria Embankment
  17. 19 Broad Marsh Bus Station
  18. 1A Beastmarket Hill
  19. Red1 Friar Lane
  20. SKY0 Friar Lane
  21. 50 Broad Marsh Bus Station
  22. 8 Victoria Centre
  23. 22 Broad Marsh Bus Station and Friar Lane
  24. Radcliffe Line Friar Lane and Broad Marsh Bus Station
  25. Ruddington Connection Broad Marsh Bus Station
  26. 05A Victoria Centre
  27. 11 Victoria Centre
  28. 0L10 Elite
  29. 7 Victoria Centre
  30. 90 Friar Lane
  31. D4 Victoria Bus Station (inactive)
  32. 11C Victoria Centre
  33. Red2 Friar Lane
  34. Keyworth Connection Broad Marsh Bus Station and Friar Lane
  35. 9 Victoria Centre
  36. 51 Broad Marsh Bus Station
  37. Xprss Friar Lane
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